One day later, what is America waiting for?

Concerned Americans woke up on Wednesday after an election that is yet to give a clear answer. Neither President Donald Trump nor his Democratic opponent Joe Biden approved the 270 electoral college votes needed to win the White House, and margins are tight in the five battlegrounds.

Live in the game

Races in Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania are still too early to call. The AP is called Wisconsin and Michigan, which also played for Biden on Wednesday. Trump’s campaign has requested a withdrawal.

What’s the matter SAID

In an extraordinary move, the president issued a midnight, premature claim of victory in a White House statement, and said he would take the election to the Supreme Court to halt the count.

What has been said

Biden also addressed his supporters in the middle of the night, countering their votes and pleading their patience. “Until every vote is counted, not every ballot is counted,” said Biden.

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Legal challenge

The Trump campaign says it has filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Michigan, demanding better access for campaign observers to places where ballots are being processed and counted.

How people were voted

In a nationwide poll of voters, AP Votecast found that 76% of American voters said they all knew which candidate they would support.

Biden sparked a large and diverse coalition of young, women, college-educated, urban, and black voters. 38% of his support came from voters of color. Meanwhile, Trump garnered overwhelming support from white and rural supporters to exclude voters in the places that powered his victory four years ago. In some competing states, such as Nevada and Florida, Trump ate among Latino’s in support of Biden.


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