One & # 39; s Justice for PS4 / Switch gets more screenshots –

One & # 39; s Justice for PS4 / Switch gets more screenshots


Following today's official presentation of My Hero Academy: One & # 39; s Justice Bandai Namco Entertainment released an additional batch of game screenshots.

The screenshots, which you can see in the gallery below, focus on the hero of the manga and the anime, who will also be the protagonist of the game, Izuku Midoriya. We see him in action in an urban environment and against his archenemy Tomura Shigaraki. Interestingly, we note that the origin of the IP manga is underlined by the use of onomatopeia effects.

Incidentally, the press release clarifies that the game is developed by Byking, known for the highly successful arcade franchise Gunslinger Stratos series and the much less acclaimed Rise of Incarnates .

The game will have the "peculiarities" of the characters colliding, with destruction of scenarios and battles that make intelligent use of buildings and walls in each level.

My Hero Academy is a superhero manga serialized since July 2014 on Shueen & # 39; s Weekly Shonen Jump, where the game was also announced for the first time. It is still ongoing and spawned a TV anime series that was launched in 2016, and will get a third season in 2018. It even got a game for 3DS titled My Hero Academy: Battle for All, developed by the Studio Dimps.

An advance of the exhibition will be shown at Jump Festa this month, but at the moment we do not have a release date. We know it will arrive (at least in Japan) for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Of course, no western releases have been announced at the moment, but anime is also quite popular on this side of the Pacific, so Bandai Namco could go for that. It remains to be seen if there will be license problems, in which case we could see an Asian version with English subtitles. That said, for now, the editor is silent about it.

You can enjoy the screenshots below. If you want to see more, you can check the first batch, along with the key art.

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