On Trump’s call for drug testing before the debate, Biden said: ‘The comments are just silly’

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday called President Trump “silly” for his comments on the candidate’s mental acuity, and claimed that Biden was taking performance-enhancing drugs, as some pundits are warning that Trump would Can lower expectations for the opponent. The first debate is taking place later this month.

“I’m waiting for a debate and he’s an idiot,” Biden said in an interview with WFLA 8, “The comments are just silly. Get ready, Mr. President, here I come.”

Biden laughed when the WFLA 8 reporter first started asking questions, referring to allegations that Trump said Biden was “mentally shot” which he again in an interview with “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday took.

BIDEN has worked on people who interview SPANISH-LANGUAGE about ‘INSURRECTION’.

In a conversation with “Fox and Friends”, Trump was asked what challenges he believed in an argument with political stalwart Biden, and Trump said that he had spoken to Biden about the Democratic presidential primary and the first subsequent debate. Focused on improving between. He and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT.

Trump then said “something was strange, in my opinion,” and added, “You can’t do that kind of stuff.”

After brief pushback from the show’s hosts, Trump said he believed Biden was taking something to give him “mental clarity”, then added, “I think he should take a drug test.” Host Brian Kilmade later said he did not believe Biden was taking any performance-enhancing drugs.

Some have warned that Trump’s consistent message that Biden is “shot” may lower expectations for Biden’s debate performance, meaning that if Biden simply puts it together for appearances, Largely can be seen as a victory for the former vice president.

But the Trump campaign, as the first debate, made at least some effort to raise expectations for Bid, seemingly the slate for the Sept 29, approach.

President Trump has made several attacks against Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for his mental acuity. (Getty)

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Jason Miller, a senior Trump campaign adviser, told the Washington Post earlier this month, “Joe Biden is a really great debut. He doesn’t have as many gaffes in his daily interviews.” “I would argue that Joe Biden would also be the favorite in the debate because he has been doing them for 47 years.”

Debates could be very important in the age of coronoviruses as candidates mostly hold large, person-to-rallies – though Trump held an indoor rally in Nevada over the weekend.

The Commission on Presidential Debates also has a Vice-Presidential Forum scheduled for October 7 and two other presidential debates scheduled for October 15 and October 22. Election Day is 3 November.

Fox News’ Paul Steinhaiser contributed to this report.