On the eve of Netanyahu’s visit, the EU will commemorate Human Rights Day with the anti-occupation group B & # 39; Tselem – Israel News – tech2.org

On the eve of Netanyahu’s visit, the EU will commemorate Human Rights Day with the anti-occupation group B & # 39; Tselem – Israel News


Representatives of the European Union in Israel will commemorate the International Day of Human Rights on Thursday along with the human rights organization B & # 39; Tselem. The event, led by the new EU ambbadador Emanuele Giaufret, will feature an exhibition of photographs that will mark the 50 years of Israeli occupation and has provoked a fierce condemnation of Israel.

The exhibition, entitled "50 Years", is currently on display in the Port of Jaffa in Tel Aviv. It features portraits of 50 Palestinians born in 1967, the year Israel took over the West Bank and Gaza after the Six Day War. The event is expected to be attended by other foreign diplomats in Israel as well.

At the beginning of next week, Netanyahu will fly to Brussels for a rare meeting with the 28 foreign ministers of the member nations of the EU.

In a deviation from protocol, Netanyahu was invited not through the usual official channels, but through representatives of Lithuania in the EU, a relatively friendly nation from Netanyahu's perspective. Israeli Foreign Minister Emmanuel Nahshon said: "For reasons unknown, the people of the EU believe that the way to the hearts of the Israelis is to spit," said the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, Emmanuel Nahshon On their faces, we see the same condescending approach of preaching a hypocritical and condescending morality, which simply moves away instead of approaching. It's sad and superfluous. "

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Israeli officials and politicians fumed over the news. "The European Union loses no opportunity to penetrate the State of Israel and persists in its unilateral forms," ​​said Naftali Bennett, leader of the Habayit Heyehudi party. "This attitude makes the EU a less relevant player per day."

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely commented that Israel has been "threatened by Palestinian terror for more than 100 years" and that "unfortunately, the EU has not investigated the Authority's education system, which raises children to be ready to kill innocent civilians. " He added that "anyone who wants to see human rights should start with the Palestinian educational system."

B? Tselem responded by saying that he had invited Bennet, Hotovely and Nahshon to the exhibition, "so they can see first hand the children of 1967 – whom Israel has deprived of their human rights."

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