On Martin Luther King Day, Trump released the 1776 report ‘Slamming New York Times’ to ‘1619 Project’

The Trump administration released “The 1776 Report”, the final report of a committee on civic education created last year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Trump announced the 1776 Commission in September 2020 to promote “patriotic education” and the report released on Monday is the culmination of its effort. In the new report, the administration names as its rival new York TimesThe “1619 Project”, a suite of historical journalism and essays in which the United States was not founded as the 1776 Constitutional Convention, but in 1619 was the first touchdown of a slave ship on American shores. For commentary. “The 1776 Report” reads the material, “By turning bitterness and judgment, perverted historians like Howard Xin or the journalists behind the ‘1619 project’ have prevented their students from learning to learn with a rich repository of cultural, historical. , And literary references … They scorn today’s students, just as they doubt humanity, goodness, or philanthropy among America’s greatest historical figures. “The booklet warns against the” shadow government ” That there is an echo of President Donald Trump’s own evidence-free warnings against the “deep position” and compare contemporary racial judicial activists in defense of slavery. The Trump booklet states, “In fact, there are disparate similarities between 21st-century activists of identity politics and 19th-century apologists for slavery.”

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