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On Cyber ​​Monday, the New York protest focuses on Amazon HQ2

Protesters marched in New York City on Monday to protest against Amazon HQ2, the new online retailer's office, half of which will be located in Long Island City, Queens.

The protesters carried signs in English and Spanish, and in brown cardboard boxes that showed the logo of the smiling face of the arrow of Amazon with the frown, the demonstrators marched towards the store of Manhattan of brick and mortar in the street 34 before to go out into the rain to continue marching towards the night.

What is at stake is the $ 3 billion tax allowance that the city granted to Amazon in exchange for establishing itself in New York City. Amazon is a multi-billion dollar company, according to some, due to its long-standing strategy to bypass sales taxes, in addition to negotiating substantial subsidies in its new locations across the country in exchange for local jobs that promises provide.

But opponents have also pointed out that taxes help pay for the maintenance of the basic infrastructure of the city. One example: the besieged public transportation system of the city, the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), which already experiences regular interruptions and delays so severe that it was a major theme of the campaign during the governor primary of New York in 2018.

Affordable housing is another concern. Already, condo sales in Long Island City are skyrocketing, and interest in the area's real estate market is only expected to increase, as Amazon expects to start hiring the New York office in 2019.

In addition to the impacts on the housing market and public transportation, the protesters pointed out that New York is a city of immigrants and disagreed with Amazon's relationship with the United States Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( ICE).

The protests on Monday may not be a total surprise, given that the local community has reacted to the news so far. New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said residents of Queens are "outraged" by their new corporate neighbor.

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