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US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is to fly the final deportation of the Trump era on Tuesday, carrying a plane to Haiti, whose passengers include a man who is not a Haitian citizen, and who has never been is.

Paul pyrillas, A 40-year-old financial adviser from Rockland County, New York, was born in the French Caribbean region of St. Martin’s, according to a birth certificate supplied by his family, which he said when he came to America with his parents . Five. His sister and parents are US citizens.

He was raised on January 11, a final sweep of black immigrants in the last days of the Trump administration as part of human rights advocates. He has told his family that he is being moved to the Ice Holding facility in Alexandria, Louisiana, a typical precursor to deportation.

According to his sister, Neomi, he was seized on January 11 to visit an immigration office at the Federal Plaza in Manhattan.

“He went there for the appointment and was detained while he was there, and he was informed that they had documents stating that he is a Haitian citizen,” said Neomi Pierillas.

She stated that her parents were Haitian but never applied for Paul’s Haitian citizenship. “We do not really understand how the documents were received to say that my brother was a citizen of Haiti.

“My brother has never even been to Haiti,” he said. “He has a minimal part of the language, he doesn’t know the culture, he doesn’t know anybody there. So my brother cannot go there. “

Neomie Pierrilus supplied copies of emails from the then Haitian ambassador, Hervé Denis, last year, confirming that his brother was not a Haitian citizen. Nor does Paul’s birth in Saint Martin confer French citizenship, making him stateless.

Guerline Jozef, head of the community group Haitian Bridge Alliance, said the intense level of political violence in Haiti poses a serious threat to Pyrillus’s life.

“Sending him to Haiti is, first of all, not legal,” Joseph said. “And what is going on in Haiti right now, there is no way they should deport the people there, especially him because he is not Haitian, has never been there and there is no connection.” So they cannot leave him at the airport. “

Snow is diverting flights to Haiti every other Tuesday, and appears ready to proceed with this week’s scheduled flight on the eve of Biden’s inauguration. Biden promises a 100-day suspension of deportation upon assuming office, while immigration and ice procedures are reviewed.

Trump has been sought to dissolve the agency for its role in implementing Trump’s anti-immigration policies, including separating migrant children from their parents. Ice has also been accused of torturing African refugees, creating sign vapors allowing for their deportation, as part of a sweep specifically targeting African and Caribbean immigrants.

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