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Omarosa’s inks talk about the deal while the conversation over the secret White House tapes warms up

Omarosa Manigault does not leave quietly.

Boston Globe reports that the recently fired White House communications director for the Public Liaison Office has signed an agreement with a Massachusetts firm that places it on the American Program Bureau's speaking tour.

"His incredible journey from Youngstown's public housing projects to become a global television sensation of the hit NBC program The Apprentice is fascinating," says his biography posted on the company's website. . "Known only by her first name, OMAROSA uses the background of her tumultuous childhood and her own personal tragedies to fuel her life lesson, takes listeners on a journey that celebrates triumphs over tragedies."

Manigault was recently shown at the door of the White House, with several media reporting that she had to be forcibly removed from the facility while cursing and screaming.

Since then, rumors have emerged. Omarosa may be planning a complete book that recounts her experiences in the Oval Office and more. Recently, the New York Daily News reported that there are rumors that he may have secretly recorded some of his conversations from the west wing.

"Everyone knows that Omarosa loves to record people and meetings using the voice note application on her iPhone," said one source. "Do not be surprised if you have secret audio files of all members of the White House, including present and past staff."

The source added the ban on personal cell phones in the west wing of the White House, which emerged in the after the administration's literary downing by author Michael Wolff, was also related to Omarosa's record of registering all your conversations.

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Meanwhile, with Manigault now fearing that she will somehow get caught up in Robert Mueller's special research on The meddling in Russian elections involving White House employees is said to have recently met with several high-powered lawyers, including Harvey Weinstein's former lawyer Lisa Bloom and Bill Cosby's former lawyer Monique Pressley.

According to News Manigault is "very concerned" that the problem may be on the way, and may become an integral part of Mueller's growing research.

Manigault joins a long list of former Trump high-level employees who could not last a full year in the cabinet, including Michael Flynn, Sean Spicer, Reince Priebus, Anthony Scaramuccui and Tom Price.

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