Olympic swimmer Kate Keller charged in capital riot

Kate Keller (Getty Images) in 2005

Kettle Keller, a gold medalist Olympic swimmer, was indicted on Wednesday for his involvement in last week’s violation of the United States Capitol.

According to documents reviewed by TheWrap, Keller was identified by conservative media site Townhall after posting a video showing a tall man in a USA Olympic team jacket inside the Capitol at the time of the riot.

Keller, 38, was charged with obstructing law enforcement engaged in an official duties incident for civil rights violations, knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority and violence and on the Capitol grounds He was charged with disorderly conduct.

He competed in three Olympics starting in 2000 and earned a total of five medals in 2004 and 2008, according to USA Today.

Keller could not immediately be reached for comment. On Tuesday, he resigned from his job with Colorado-based real estate firm Hoff & Leh, the company told USA Today.

USA Swimming distanced itself from Keller, noting that he has not been a member of the organization since 2008 – when he last attended the Summer Games.

“We respect the rights of private individuals and groups to peacefully protest, but by no means condemn the action taken last week in the Capitol,” a spokesman said, adding that the allegations were public but his presence in the Capitol Was revealed after. A representative for the organization did not immediately return a request for further comment following the allegations.

Demonstrators supporting President Donald Trump and his efforts to land on the nation’s capital last week in protest against presidential election certification, which Trump has fundamentally insisted on because the election was the result of widespread voter fraud .

At Trump’s insistence, some protesters turned their attention to the Capitol Building, which he dissolved, sending lawmakers into lockdown and postponing certification. All told, there have been at least six deaths from the riots, including two Capitol police officers.

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