Olympian swimmer Kell Keller charged in connection with the capital riot

US Olympic swimmer Kate Keller was indicted on Wednesday in connection with the fatal capitol riot last week, court records show.

A criminal complaint filed in US District Court in Washington DC showed Keller was charged with obstructing law enforcement, intentionally entering or remaining in a restricted building or ground, without legal rights and violent entry and the Capitol To conduct disorderly on the basis.

The video shows the Olympic gold medalist feeding the jacket of the USA Olympic team on January 6 inside the Capitol Rotunda. As the protesters clash with the police, law enforcement officers can be seen attempting several times Push the crowd back It involved a person who appears to be Keller. Swimswam, a news website that covers competitive swimming, previously identified Keller as possibly one of the members of the Trump-supporter crowd that attacked the Capitol. The New York Times also named former teammates and coaches who said he was part of the crowd.

FBI Special Agent Matthew R. According to the criminal complaint signed by Barofsky, federal agents confirmed that Keller was in the video by matching a Colorado driving license photo with the person appearing in the video. Keller, who is 6 feet 6 inches tall, also stood out because he is one of the tallest people in the video, noted in the complaint.

Kelt keller
Kate Keller in 2008.

Donald Mirley / Getty

Keller was part of the American swim team at the 2000, 2004 and 2008 Olympics. Along with Michael Phelps, he was a member of the gold medal winning relay team in the 4X200 meter freestyle in 2004 and 2008. The team also set a new world record at the FINA World Swimming Championships in Melbourne in 2007 at the same event. Before law enforcement identified Keller as a participant in the riot, the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee issued a statement to CBS News on Tuesday condemning the action last week.

The committee said, “We support the right to protest peacefully and to respect values ​​and attitudes respectfully and in a lawful manner – this is what makes democracy strong. Sadly, this did not happen in this case.” ”

Keller has also resigned from real estate company Hoff & Leh in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he was working as an independent contractor, according to a company statement.

“Hoff and Leh support the right to free speech and legitimate protest, but we cannot condemn actions that violate the rule of law,” the company said.

The riots resulted in five deaths, including a Capitol police officer. House Democrats accused President Trump of inciting the attack on the Capitol and Voted her impeachment on Wednesday. For the second time. Ten House Republicans also voted in favor of impeachment.


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