Olivia Rodrigo responded to the rumored drama with Joshua Bassett

“Drivers License” now has the most streams of a song a week and the most streams of non-holiday songs in a single day on Spotify. It is also the fastest song to reach 100 million streams on the service.

Not too shabby for a debut single, huh!

He said, ‘Yal has succeeded in making one of the most painful moments of my life so positive and powerful.’ “Gloomy Girl Charming Forever.”

The short (and yet unconfirmed) version goes something like this…

Around the same time that Olivia began to hint at the breakup, Joshua was pictured on a lunch-date with Sabrina Carpenter. Fans mentioned that Sabrina fit the ambiguous description of the girl whom Olivia’s ex-boyfriend left for her in “Drivers License” – blonde and older – and the song’s lyrics, which are basically of a brunette Were actually changed from an earlier version to fit Sabrina’s appearance.

There was also a bunch of other things that he saw as “Drivers License”, about Joshua, both of which included a subtle video clip of the two of them, while he apparently appeared in the video, Also lyrical references were confirmed. The song about them (Olivia refers to the boy in question driving a white car and, what do you know, Joshua drives a white car).

If you are interested, here is the full stop of the play.

“To see it do really well – it’s a really painful moment in my life, and turn it into something beautiful that can probably help people through the hard times that they have, like That I was having a hard time – it’s just so empowering, “she went on. “I am grateful that I got to do this.”

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