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Ole Miss lifts restrictions on transfers as players begin to look for opportunities

Earlier this month, the NCAA concluded after a long case that the Ole Miss program lacked institutional control and fostered an unrestricted culture of reinforcing participation in football recruitment. As such, imposed a series of sanctions including a two-year bowl ban, which means that one year was added to the current one-year self-imposed bowl ban by the school.

As part of the consequences of these sanctions, several Ole Miss players were expected to request the transfer of the program. Initially, Ole Miss placed restrictions on what programs were allowed to contact the players; The most common restrictions include opponents to the conference and teams in future calendars without lectures from the Rebels.

However, Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports reports that those restrictions have been lifted for anyone seeking the transfer. An email sent to CBS Sports from the program explains the situation as follows …

Regarding the limitations initially established in the contact permission, restrictions are common. Until we were notified this morning, none of the student athletes had reported that they were not happy with those restrictions. Frankly, if they had any objection and a legitimate reason to request the transfer to one of the limited schools, we would normally resolve those problems with the student athlete and his family. The best interest of the student-athlete is always the priority. Coach Luke and Ross Bjork discussed the matter this morning. To be consistent, you are removing any restriction to your contact permission for all those who have requested permission. Our compliance office has contacted student athletes to notify them.

However, some normal transfer protocols remain in effect. Ole Miss also points out that for a player to be immediately eligible, "the transferring school still needs to apply for an NCAA exemption." If transferred to a school in the SEC, that school will also have to request a conference exemption. under conference rules. "

The exception is the older people who are currently with Ole Miss, who have the ability to transfer to other FBS institutions without having to wait a year, as usually mandated by the NCAA.

Among those who could transfer is Marshal Shea Patterson. According to reports, Ole Miss allowed Patterson to explore his options . Bruce Feldman of Sports Illustrated reports that Deontay Anderson of Patterson and Rebels will be visiting Michigan.

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