Old Android Google Pay application to lose P2P transfers, more

Late last year, Google launched a revamped Google Pay experience in the US, based on what was once the Tez app in India. Google now warns that, starting in April, older Google Pay apps on Android, iOS, and the web will no longer be able to send or receive money.

The move from the previous Google Pay app to the newer experience has been a somewhat confusing migration, with Android and iOS users encouraged to install a separate Flutter-based app and transfer their money to the new app to gain access. to rewards and more. At the same time, Google had announced that it would shut down the web application’s ability to send and receive money.

This afternoon, Google sent a notice to those who have used the older Google Pay app, informing that the older web, iOS and Android apps would stop working to send, receive and transfer money as of April 5. The balance that is still in your Google Pay account at that time will need to be accessed with the updated application or transferred to your bank account manually by Google Support.

Likewise, old Google Pay apps will no longer be able to show your recent activity and transactions. While this may seem like the original Android Google Pay app is effectively dead, in particular, it should still work to access your digital wallet, including your credit / debit cards, membership cards, and transit passes. Even if you use the new Google Pay experience, access to the old app wallet on Android is still useful, as the new Google Pay can only be used on one device at a time.

The timing of this migration is particularly interesting as the updated Google Pay app is still listed as “Early Access” in the Play Store. It is unknown if the app will be updated from Early Access before the April deadline hits or how these changes will affect areas where the new Google Pay is not available, if at all.

Along with the migration to the new Google Pay app, April 5 also marks the date the new Google Pay Terms of Service go into effect. While most of the changes are relatively uninteresting, it should be noted that, in the US at least, the minimum age for a Google Pay account is changing from 16 to 18.

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