Oklahoma will be ‘quite apprehensive’ against MSU

The Oklahoma Suners begin trying to win their sixth-straight Big 12 championship when they host the Missouri State Bears in Norman. But it seems that Sunsan is going to be a little apprehensive for the game.

According to a report by Yahoo Sports, Pete ThamelSoon, the COVID-19 positive test, contract tracing, suspension and injury will result in a “fairly shorthand” against the Bears, leaving all players out. OUInsider confirmed the report.

On Saturday, the news of Oklahoma being shorthand came the same week as the head coach Lincoln relay In connection with the COVID-19 test, he did a bit of fire testing for some observations. Early in the week, Riley said the school had chosen not to release its numbers on the COVID-19 positive test because it wanted to avoid giving competitors a competitive advantage when preparing for the game.

Riley said Tuesday during his first Game Week press conference, “As far as I think we have now reached the point where we are playing the game, and obviously no active case or contact trace.” The game has consequences. ” “And so, you know, like we’re gonna do with an injury, we’re not going. We just decided not to broadcast it.

“I know that we have been the most transparent school in the country till then, but you do not want to give your team a competitive disadvantage. So we are not going to do that.

OU returned the recently released COVID-19 data on 24 August. Announcing that soon six more football players tested positive. This increased the team’s active case count to 17. The figures came from a pair of tests on 17 and 20 August. Five out of 88 came positive on the first day, while only one out of 78 came positive on the second day.

A day later, Riley announced that eight or nine players had returned to practice. This reduced the number from 17 digits to single digits.

“Well, on a positive front, today was a good day for us. I think we got back to eight or nine of them today, which was good, ”Riley said during the zoom call. “So it was definitely very helpful. This past week or so has raged through COVID cases, contacts and then a stomach bug we’ve got, I think, a little bit in this whole part of the country that Many of our people have been challenged with a combination of knocked out as well.

“So today it’s good to get some of those people back. So I would say that we are now definitely in 10 active cases. ”

Oklahoma and Missouri State kick off at 7 pm ET. The game is on pay-per-view shopping only.

247Sports’ Joey Helmer contributed to this story