OHSAA suspends school vs. school scrimmage in contact schools

“Our discussion with the governor’s office is clear,” Goldinger said. “If we want our student-athletes to learn lifelong lessons and receive the educational, social, emotional and physical benefits that privilege the participation of education-based intersections in athletics programs, then we all have all the essentials and needs One has to be accountable to follow. By not complying with the mandates and requirements, we are risking not only contracting and / or spreading COVID-19 to our student-athletes, but also to ourselves, our families, our peers, our schools, and our communities if the weather is bad There is danger of . Orders and requirements should be put in place for the government office to allow us to participate.

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“To that end, OHSAA is working to finalize the competition day and requirements that are to be strictly enforced, and our administrators, coaches and student-athletes will be held accountable for non-compliance. So as not to set off alarms, these mandates and requirements will have to increase many of the recommendations outlined in the OHSAA Return in Play Recommendations document, which should be in the mandatory and mandatory level level documents and require bulk modifications to your game-day protocol Should not be “

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