Ohio reports 34 coronavirus cases to vaccinated people among 400,000 cases statewide since vaccines began

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Of the nearly 400,000 Ohio coronavirus cases reported since vaccines began in mid-December, 34 are known to have involved people who were vaccinated before becoming infected, the Ohio Department of Health said Friday.

Among these 34 cases, five resulted in hospitalization and there have been no deaths, the health department said in response to a request earlier in the week from cleveland.com and The Plain Dealer.

However, it is unclear how soon these people became infected after being vaccinated and how many of the cases involved people who had received all the required vaccinations.

To date, at least 3.1 million vaccines have been started in Ohio, and nearly 1.8 million people have received all necessary doses.

Ohio’s first vaccines were given on December 14.

“COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective when it comes to preventing severe COVID-19 hospitalization and death,” a spokeswoman said in an email providing the details.

“However, as we have heard when these vaccines received FDA clearance, their efficacy rates vary, as do their efficacy studies. There is a small chance with each vaccine, as with the flu vaccine, that despite being vaccinated, you can still get COVID-19. When this happens, due to the protection it has from the vaccine, the case tends to be milder. “

Local health departments are reporting “any case in which someone who has subsequently been vaccinated contracts COVID-19 to the Ohio Department of Health.” The samples are turned over to the health department laboratory for “viral sequencing,” the state said.

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