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Ohio grants $ 10 million to drive advances in addiction and opioids

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio awarded $ 10 million in grants on Thursday to six companies and a university that have presented innovative scientific ideas to address the nation's opioid epidemic.

The Third Third Commission of Ohio awarded grants for ideas that include the development of pain management alternatives and a mobile application to improve the treatment of addiction.

The seven winners of the grant emerged from a field of 44 initial projects presented by hospitals, universities and various medical devices. software developers and pharmacists. About $ 2 million less than what the commission had made available.

The state fills with energy as its efforts advance, and commission chair David Goodman

"We launched the call for promising technology that could help fight the national opioid problem," he said. . "We are excited about the way these innovations could be part of the solution."

The grant competition is part of a two-pronged strategy that the state uses to drive innovative research and development in the science of opiates and addictions.

The second element is an Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge of $ 8 million, a competition inspired by the Head Health competition launched by the NFL, Under Armor and GE to address traumatic brain injuries. State officials generated ideas for the contest on Thursday with a Tech2025 hackathon event in New York.

The efforts are in a state among those most affected by the deadly opioid epidemic. There were 4,050 deaths from overdoses in Ohio last year, many related to heroin and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl.

Grant recipients are:

– Cordata Healthcare Innovations, Cincinnati, $ 1.5 million, for data and predictive analysis to better identify -place at risk for abuse and overdose locations and to improve intervention.

– DeUmbra, Inc., Austin, Texas, $ 861,000, for a web application that uses artificial intelligence to identify patterns in patient data.

– Elysium Therapeutics, Inc., Danville, California, $ 2.98 million, to commercialize a compound that inhibits the absorption of opioids during an overdose.

– Innovative Medical Equipment, Lyndhurst, Ohio, $ 177,000, for devices that use heat and cold in place of opiates for chronic pain and post-operative conditions.

– Sober First LLC, dba Ascent, Cleveland, $ 464,000, for the web-based recovery line, 24 hours.

– Sollis Therapeutics, Columbus, $ 2 million, to market an implantable combination of non-opioid and non-steroidal drugs for the treatment of sciatic nerve pain.

– University of Akron, Akron, $ 2 million, to commercialize a degradable mesh that releases a local anesthetic instead of oral opiates to control postoperative pain


Online: https: // development. ohio.gov/bs_thirdfrontier/


This story has been corrected to show that the number of winners of the grant is seven, not 15.

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