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You're listening to Dana podcasts and parts on KNB easy tomorrow, the highest right until mid-forties. And we settled into the low twenties on Wednesday night and only climbed to a high of 32 for Thursday. I am the personal meteorologist Chad was different more KE NBC meteorological authorities a. 47 arena Casey and I 47 is the official weather station system. That. Threatening people and issues among seventeen is essentially a need to read Twitter tweets and here. The bottom of the list was this direct line of suicide. Number ten. Sam marks very well, but that's still good. The numbered analysts were Sam Martin, who were asking for each re-tite and then would donate six pounds of dog food to the victims and Houston. So far Obama is paired twice three times. I am the eighth. Fifth and armored there is no second. On the list. LeBron James' tweet to staff curry for not going to the White House is number seven, analysts say Chester Bennington's image is number six. It happens to me and passes par and the number one on the list has ams can omit the rest is the number one is the Basilan. Remember the guy from Wendy's chicken nugget and the number one tweet of 27. And I have to be joking about who got sick and how they accused him. Man means that it's not just please, read sweet home and get. Wendy's nuggets for one year. The extra weight is that a man visas and drugs and we all read. That's why I do not write yes. The stupidest thing. It means other silly things on Twitter today, have you seen guys who missed Kelsey? Kelsey hall thirteen thirteen. We decided that she was going to compromise and Woodard says that by the year 2000 read the tweets. I will use this streak dressed for each day of my classes for the rest of the teacher. Twenty year old college student. As she got 191000 reached the heat. Is that now we are bringing the Christmas tree in small class every day, this is what we are doing on Twitter, yes, that's how stupid we are as a society. Well, the magazine from time ago has already come out and there will be ten finalists for the person of the year that will be announced later. Okay, I guess I know what the number one is and I think the address they're going to play in is gone. But I can guess the others because I do not know who. And I'll tell you if you. Now Colin captured him there. It is. Its president now there, of course, in prisons or it was Tom. Now he is a real person or is my god, there are two or nine people or groups in what he was thinking. I was thinking that you can find for the movement is there and cracked. There is another matter. Like me, like an affair. If it is not bad for what was an amendment. Timers and little slow in the capture. He. They are the dreamers outside. The cash check with ice is also going to be the last winner because it has changed completely. The conversation in the United States about sexual harassment in the workplace. By the way, did you see a very uncomfortable interview? Billy Bush put on Stephen's cold air last night. Really uncomfortable. Because they came out they played the Access Hollywood movie, of course they believe that this was thrown inside. 48 hours I think by a kind of giggles with the president when he said he wanted to do horrible things and attack women. But it was if you have not seen it and we can post it on the easy-to-reach Facebook page, it's an interesting interview. Because the air of Stephen Pope is not silly and friendly with them. You know what it is. Why do you laugh at what you were thinking and you and Billy Bush are rolling around in the Etsy type of having to give them back because that's the way it is? It's been a long time since that story broke fourteen months and even Billy Bush said why we're still talking about this if it were not for that. Lots of tweets from our president bringing him back. Op and the president apparently tried to say now that it is not my voice on the tape. The ice like the screw that was there is you where there are seven other people standing there. Why would you lie to the Baptists? And now here we are talking about that again. Then, among the others, Donald Trump is Jeff Bezos, he's a candidate and he's hanging out and actually he is. Now. The president of China, Kim Jong-un. Who I think deserves serious consideration. I mention the president. Director Patty Jenkins. The Wonder Woman who directed Wonder Woman. He is nominated for person of the year now I am tuned in this morning to dare. And they had a great point two big points number one she directed a movie. Why is she even nominated as the person of the year in which she is only a director? She tends to agree with you, that is, I am happy and felt that she was in my corner. Allison Castle for good, if you had told me that, if you had said that name, Vonn would add it first to look for it. I would not like them to nominate Steven Spielberg or that he should come back from the year you run a horse of the year, he's supposed to be the person. That changes your life for better or for worse. That's why, as members of the whole year, he never had the best person. But here is the second qualifying point that they have this morning to play rock. Since Donald Trump is making such a deal with all of this, everyone is not so cold and Macedonia and Ballmer met him in the forest. They should nominate and do. The person of the year Kim Jong Hoon. That would lead Donald Trump to be a saint. Do it Kim Jong. Why do not you tell me for a second Donald Trump rejected. The opportunity to be a person of the year gives me a break, not buying, do not believe it thick. The problem is that I could have it then. Person of the year and now I go out today and say that he is the person for good or bad. That has changed. Our lives. Now, for them to come out, they say they seem to have asked if it could be, of course, that they did not. She asked him why the professional think that, regardless of who the president is, he asked her to always be there. In contention per person of the year absolutely. Be it Barack Obama, Donald Trump or whoever. I think Donald Trump was probably in contention about how badly he was doing it. Who is the president that lasted only as a monthly office that died? The extremes themselves, I do not think that the time magazine would have gone terribly is a side that I had player those little acts. Yes, I think it's fair. President in front of the month of Canada. So guess what I'm doing tonight, but I have to share it. I can not. I waited. Go to Lynn Forest tonight. To see Sonia grande You've heard of yes, in fact I heard the bankruptcy records that is a Scott documentary. About a 91-year-old Holocaust survivor from Kansas City. And they color eggs in that wood and she is a seamstress who still works. It's that amazing. Oh, the great personality is as big as the disk drives or in this as the leopard skin. Car covered with steering wheel Everyone in the town knows about her and she also goes to all schools. And she tells her story as Holocaust survivors and it was on Saturday that she lives here, so they make a documentary about. And he has won. Like every great document reward, you know the jury prize and the Sundance movie. It is what all these awards. And we had the opportunity through our women. Group the charity group of the mother and daughter that I am involved in and invite her to speak to our group last year that many women wanted to do. It filled up immediately and there was no room for it to come out. And when I heard her talking, I heard that she would talk to any group about what happened to her and her family; All you have to do is ask him to come and talk about what happened. And he was so angry that I missed his four in Seattle, so let's go see. The movie tonight and I heard that I was supposed to play at Glen Wood until Thursday. I have heard that they have extended it because many people love Agassi. It's a girl. OK so. Multiple people told me that you have to go to the program but. We have to do an hour without commercial interruptions. Why. There. Waiving their payment, they would say it's air. Someone is the first on your radio, but it varies. The story difficult to listen does not stop. Yes too. You know that he will speak for an hour and a half is also a great week in which Karl had died birds on his only occasion when we went to commercial breaks. I know it with the great Sony to Scotland. Are you down and say I'll finish yours? If you want to be well, you are going to tell the great crest that we are going to give up thousands of dollars from which it will come. And make the top of the ticket I wanted. Like her, it's a life that we can record and still make me commercial and I think parts of the story take her to the program. And she can come here and tell her story all afternoon, I'm still putting commercials and because I'm not going to give up my check. She tells Karrie that you're going to love this because I left office, she says and I do not want to quote her, I think she says yes. She talks about that forgiveness. For what happened to his game and inheritance. I will never do it. Or a gift that she establishes. But I will never hate it. Because that is in me, it shows that it could be an odious person, but in this movie it is quoted repeatedly saying that I will never forget that it is for someone else to decide. I can not wait tonight and I'll give you a full summary tomorrow and if you want to see it. The tickets for Connecticut is that Glen Wood and I are not sure how much. You remember the old Keb South Mall that is tailoring the workers and until they closed it until they did. Shooting. And I do not have to go screaming. Building. OK, general show, I would like to, I would love to talk about the tour. I'll see. Idols, someone says. Just get a sponsor for our good. I tend to agree with Scott because the women I'm close to also work in the press. He said it would be very difficult to divide it into 45 segments where you know I. We'll come back with more about what happened here, no. I just can not. Interrupt that period of history. Good luck that. I keep saying that commercials are not cellular in the program. I had never heard this. I would be honored as I feel it for Alex in his eyes. You know me, I love the history of World War II. To sit with the Holocaust survivor. I have known one in all my life. And he works for this radio station. She is on the list as. Peter Newman. Being included in the list of attendees to December for the first time of fourteen, that is now. The theatrical premiere of Kansas City. She's in Glen, and if she's your denial of my kindness, I'd be so excited. But eating this story is a story and it is beautiful and it is. Horrifying. And what my friend said you have to leave her. Just say it on your way. She can come here all the opening time. And say that here is great. Sonia did not turn off the entire microphone of the term and I will recline and I heard that I can not. I will not say another word for the rest of the time that a pet can tell its story. It would be captivating. With your story You can solve it below, where we do not have to place commercials. And she can only speak a multiple port. I think that's the story that needs to be a total payment. 57677. 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And the Wall Street Journal reports that this is a victory, clearly him. For restaurant owners because all restaurant owners would determine all of them. That. Work at your restaurant is an employee with eight tips. And you could take the cook, for example, who now does it. 775 an hour, ten hours of energy each time you lower it or it hurts up to two dollars and fifty cents per hour. And they would not do it this year, they would be part of their salary. Of the waiters and waitresses. Therefore, the owner of the restaurant could reduce the general expenses of the employees. However, it would come at the expense of payment eight. That the waiters and waitresses would receive. It is a victory for the owners of the restaurant is a waste. For the little thing And by boy I mean his daughter and son of the university. Or York eighteen-year-old daughter and son whose eyes. Rod Jeremy in Carrollton has been very patient and I want to receive the hello chip Jeremy. I'm not doing things right. I'm glad. And I'm fine without you knowing, you should listen to me. How are you. So, you can tell me if the article says that everyone in the restaurant will be part of the chips. Or just the people who directly in this. The waiter's waitress is not. Let me respond so fast Germany says here for employees. It's okay for employees who do not usually. Interact with customers Well, the reason why I say that is because I mean I'm not at McDonald's or Burger King and it scored that (% expletive) above or for the good. Sometimes it is considered a kind of deal like you know that he and I got to know in his advice why they earn a lot more money. I used to work in many restaurants and in our economy and things like that and follow the waiter. And I had to fix it during the meal, but the hateful act, yes. He just waited at the table. And I just called during the order and the waiter took the drink or ready and took it to the bar and then a waiter assistant. At the end of the day, I would have to give the bartender as if he did not know 5% of the rank order. Money and then I'll have to give the waiter assistant 2% of the total. My question is Obama. What is the mandate that money is happening now? You know that I would normally give the bartender bankruptcy, what does the restaurant have to do to make that sense? Being the white Let me clarify to Jeremy that this is not a regulation. The way I read the story. It does not require, for example, but an Applebee. Cut the cook's salary Two to fifty now gives Applebee, for example, the option. To cut the payer. You mention an axis. With greater respect to the people who cook and Applebee's. I probably would not say the shots. Now that is Africa in plaza three. I imagine they are not going to cut the boats today at 250 per hour and make sure those tips are craftsmen. Well, there's the top part of the ship. But at Applebee & # 39; s. 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For your free estimate, remember Selig and forget that it will be sealed once Casey dot com mentioned Dana. We have a 20% discount. 330 tearing Kansas City for the NBC newsroom of McCain I'm Kara or three years old, the Evan brewery was found dead in September inside a house in Wichita where Stanley used to live. Today, murder charges have been filed against his mother Miranda Miller and her boyfriend Stephen voting. Apparently there was a very controversial custody dispute in progress before his death. Well, the US embassy UU In Israel he will move to the president of Jerusalem. The worried statements tomorrow hope to involve that possibility despite the rejection by several world leaders. White House press secretary Sara Sanders described the president's thinking as quite solid at this time. It is a very frightening internal process. Jesus has thoroughly discussed this measure. Next, we will check traffic and weather. 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The dry weather conditions in our forecast for the next few days seem a bit like France or to sneak off into the night from Wednesday to Thursday, drilling even colder air. Sunny and windy for the rest of today that mid-forties is a west when I think more than thirty miles per hour. Reaching the win this clear night and thirty CU mostly sunny for tomorrow high 45 and we are below twenty on Wednesday night. Thursday mostly sunny and thirty CU I'm the staff meteorologist Chad infinera plus KE NBC climate 46 now I PCI at its 46 and Overland Park. 47 and its official meteorological station Soy Kara. Marks and stay connected with your 91 thing, yes. No idea. We know it and not, and I suppose this would be sitting in his chair when we returned from the commercial break. And maybe she's down trying to talk about a commercial cut or. I do not sleep, we'll ask where you were not, or maybe she's downstairs trying to convince him not to do a commercial. I do not see that some brief robberies of the recession melt and what you think. I was the Holocaust survivor. A woman's contract. No. Our Randy Travis. I am and am Randy Travis. He has issued a statement about his arrest for driving under the influence in 22 wells. This is five years old. The video of the arrest was. The video that you arrested was. I do not want to say viral here this week, I did not want it. After a judge denied the request of the country singer to stop the state of taxes. From the publication of the images here. From a representative Randy Travis. Britney's behavior was extremely altered that of her arrest. Due to the state of his mental health and the substances in his body that make him do and say things that were totally out of place. He suffered a severe concussion. Block of problems The statement continued despite the release of the tape and on your computer you have your day in court and if you. Regarding the ongoing lawsuit against the state of Texas. In relation to the violation of his civil rights and Randy Travis is well known for being a loving person who respects whatever he is. A video that shows anything else just emphasizes that he himself was absent. In February of 2012. Randy Travis was found naked. And verbally combative. After crashing your card west of to point taxes. When the police approached, the singer threatened the officers and refused. The sobriety test was arrested for driving while intoxicated. Why is it coming now? And tell me what Jamie and we can do before. We will say that I wanted to know. This reaction of listeners and they played the Klan and he is belligerent and he is too. Ron, can you hear what the officers say? He only knows the man sitting right players and Mr. And the officers are very respectful or like Mr. Travis. At what point mr. Travis, who is one of the officers, has cancer. As if it was just adding that and behavior. And so when first. I saw the clip and I did not see the clip that I had with the TMZ publication. Here is the clip of a naked drunk, Randy Travis, you. I did not do it because I think it's so horrible and uncomfortable, can you imagine the lowest point? out of your life if that is your lowest point. We want to say that it is not true, but one of the lowest points of your life. Being broadcast all over the world and everyone is talking about that, so he put the courts to try to fight this, he did it like three times to try to fight against the launch of the weekly review that they say is easy to understand why I mean. Come on, he's drunk, she's naked. Clumsy for everyone, it's wrong. But they did not give any applause. It is this news and if so, why. And I could really debate this in any way. The person of the news and he says that it is beginning, it is public, it is public there. But five years later. And what is the point? Others and embarrass it more and I can consider the argument that it should not be treated differently than the others. That could have wiped out a family of four on the way to the group of origin and then we're not talking about the naked drunk Randy Travis was talking about. The killer Randy Travis has. I can go either way. Why is a news story of five years of video? I have always said this in the program and I said when it was the news record of this radio station many moons ago. The first three news letters are new. There is nothing new about this other we are the launching. Of a tape that despite the result we have all known. M and I can already hear the supporters of triumph say about the axis in which Hollywood is well and let me deal with that really fast. We all knew that Randy Travis was arrested at 22. We knew he was in the police photo and that he is not very well. Not only that we knew he was naked in the middle of the street we knew he was belligerent. We knew that he had said terrible things to the police, although I was not aware of the desire for cancer. Nevertheless. It really is not news. When the Access Hollywood movie came out when he saved a text to the speculators. Nobody knew it was new. Therefore, it was news. There is the difference. I mean there was a complete petition about Randy Travis. You know the support page to block the release of this embarrassing material. Here is your statement through a spokesperson. Randy is extremely disruptive behavior the night of his arrest due to the state of his mental health. And substances in your body. It caused him to do and say things that were totally out of place, he suffered a severe concussion and suffered many other injuries from the accident. It parks and mom appears to operate. Randy Travis is well known for being a caring and affectionate person who respects everyone. A video that shows anything else just underlines. That he was not absolutely himself. Randy apologizes deeply. For his actions that night. A man of integrity and good heart that does not tolerate or tolerate this type of actions that distort the true beliefs of Randy Travis. Someone had a reason why this is just someone who had a good argument during noon and if he defends the block. This recording will be launched if you want this in a vault somewhere. How do you justify the police? Releasing public images Of the OP Lloyd addicts. He passed in the front seat with the small children in the back seat of the new car news. Is it new that it happened six times or eight times that you continue to publish these photos? It was the first time. Then you are saying. That. If the police shame the private citizens. For something that happened maybe a week ago, yes, or, a day ago, whatever. Then it's okay for the police to be embarrassed. In essence. A country music singer. Who was arrested for DUI five years ago. Why should I be treated and I'm not saying it's closed and that was West Point because it's Randy Travis? We receive different Notre Dame, let me let you rewind your tape. And reproduce it. If someone is The images of Randy Travis are arrested last night and turn him into belligerent M on the street. You play the drawn tape and its record. The last night was fine last night, probably. If someone in your city. It is found. He passed with a needle in its harmony in the backseat last night. You play technology yes. Randy Travis is arrested. Naked and belligerent in the middle of the street five years ago. Do you play the tape? Let me let you ask more questions and then against arguments. A woman was found five years ago in her car with the needles that come out of her arm to a child in the back seat. Five years ago you played that tape. Probably not so, is that someone's notes is the official public safety help today. And a school teacher and a celebrity. Let me ask you, Dennis. Take surveys of nightclubs rolling a long time ago that was a Europe and video surfaces. Since that day. The whereabouts of the fencers before entering that building. After it comes out. New video surfaces. Of some. Those are news and you know and we would like to know why it is new. This is new because it is not new, Weenie knew that he would be the CEO. He found. That and now has been the output picks up what we have known for five years. It is not, it is not relevant. And that does not affect your life or mine and it affects me. In fact, the fact that the polling of the nightclubs did not horrify me and that made me very angry did not affect me that night. But if new video emerged. Or video that we know existed But because it was going through a trial and has been sealed. Now it comes to light here is the video. It shows something like that, I think it's amazing to compare apples and oranges. A horrible Cry, I'm not comparing crime to DY. I'm comparing time. With any video that comes to light after a test ends, everything happens. All this expends at least the trial version of the fill-in-the-blank video. I just think about this stain. It really is like that if this were video. And a carefully edited video of the nightclubs of the polls that shoots well. A year and a half ago. Where did you see this man enter the club pull out his gun. And open fire and as long as you make sure people actually die even though you know that's what happened nine. I would say your mistake because I would like to compare it. No. For the naked drunk a rest. Of us he has been a country singer. Randy Travis has not had a success since 1992. Now it's the news of yesterday. No, why are you staining this guy if you tape OJ Simpson. It is to the surface. All right. They had something to do that night of that crime. That would be because that would be evidence that he really did. Nobody questions whether Randy Travis was naked or drunk. Even he admits that I would hit. OJ did not easily kill Nicole and Ron Goldman. That's all I'm saying if there's a certain segment of this population that thinks OJ is innocent if he has a video showing that DO did it. I. I think Randy Travis is a celebrity. And some television stations in Texas and a small market put their hands on this video. And they need to fill another 2 minutes in their evening news. And your embers and ask them. Five years after the fact, it is not news. It is not. And tumble and yours. 57677. And that. Escritor de datos para kriegel mess diamond's En realidad soy Scott y Steve mañana. Eso fue en mi vecindario una escena amateur que tienen. Una carrera tan impresionante que conoces entre los dos. Creo que han estado en el negocio más de setenta. Años. Compra y venta de cientos de millones de diamantes en todo el mundo, pero si quieres algo único para la UE. Debe llamar a Scott y Steve para que diseñen algo para usted con su ayuda. Hazlo por ti y venderte directamente. En kriegel messed diamantes no hay intermediario y déjame decirte. Conocen todos los trucos que los otros chicos sacaron porque trabajaron en esa industria durante décadas. Ahora son mayoristas que cortan al intermediario y eso significa que vas a decir que he dicho antes de que ni siquiera tengan una recepcionista respondiendo sus llamadas telefónicas. Todos esos ahorros que se transfieren a todos esos ahorros de gastos generales para ver el diamante serán mejores para llegar a piquetes. Y el precio será más bajo en la mayoría de los casos a la mitad. De lo que los otros tipos cargaremos. El precio de la primera imprenta es el último 9136609609. Para su cita privada 9136609609. O Craig Thomas diamantes punto com. Pueden hacer cosas y luego. Pequeña lengua y cosas. I am. Amigo. Sí, sí. Their. No. Sí. Ha cambiado el martes alrededor de los años ochenta y acaba de entrar en la oficina de cine no los hará. Their. En cómo el jazmín es todo el mundo. Simplemente yendo. Deja que nos enfríe Voy a. Haga que uno esté allí de regreso. Your. Yo quería panadería y creo que no es correcto que lo hagan. Y creo que nosotros. Ustedes y yo sentimos que mi interno haría mucho bien con la acreditación de. La naturaleza tiene una dirección en la corriente. Y sabes que deberíamos ser. Ya sabes lo que no son competentes en mí y que ya lo sabes. Déjame preguntarte una cosa que tan elocuente y perla te gustaría sentir de la misma manera o todos ustedes realmente se sienten de esa manera porque no lastimó a nadie. El tipo de persona puede poncharse y decir que esto es salud mental, que se le cayeron los cortes y que nadie tenía puertos, solo es una tirada de dados, pero él. Oh Sí, quiero decir, sí, tal vez candidato para todo el asunto técnico que lastimó a alguien. Ah, y él es un dulce si te lastiman, obviamente, la lección que aprendimos esa persona probablemente lleve a la publicidad de que pueden llegar allí. Ya sabes, vete a la derecha. Tal vez no tengo idea y el evento actual y está mal con la escena y luego otro punto que aparecimos mucho o. Piensa de lo que estoy solo con los niños. Realmente creo que esa forma de intimidación y los periodistas pueden vomitar. Not be in the spotlight so no one really knows who broke the story. I mean I I don't I don't know he kind of economic hurt and actually. I think you're trying something. If you were to kill them all in eloquent and went back after that aired. You know I would I would actor north I would he'll go about it. Yeah but you made the point yesterday Dana and it bears repeating the media he said an off year. Media loves to tear down so they can go back. Yes who have they've dumbed two recent Tiger Woods. Greatest is going to be the greatest sports most fun come back to watch I think most immediate tore him. At X and with his help out with his help. They tore him down another building him baca. You saw the commercials last week tiger would return. I mean it's not like damn clear Rick. Haskell commercial. Tanker that it's. No longer risk. I mean people were stopping. Whatever they were doing over the weekend to watch people on Twitter were saying they were setting their alarms to watch specifically. His performance. Can this. It's back com. Not risky. Last comment from the text line. Then why play on include David Hasselhoff. Eating its fees because that's fought. Here you are at TJ has all shown on the big Macs I hate it with his daughter is fought. I don't think it's funny I think it's sad it's pathetically sad and sharp and. That's funny I don't care. To the news or McDermott. Happening now on KM BZ am Missouri police officer shot this afternoon we'll have details next. You know when something goes wrong with your car may be that service engine soon light comes on like it did in my car. 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And in the north planned on Berry wrote thanks for listening to the data and parks podcasts remember you can catch us online any time. At KM BZ dot com.

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