‘Oh, the plays we go go’

Orlando Bloom shared rare photos with fiance Katy Perry on Instagram to celebrate her 36th birthday on Sunday. He also surprised Perry by enlisting the true Baron Cohen to deliver a hilarious message as Boria, predicting that it would be a very good birthday “with lots of cream on your cake”. Perry and Bloom have been engaged since February 2019 and welcomed daughter Daisy Dove Bloom in August.

The collection of rare photographs includes snapshots from Egypt and the bed, with Perry and Bloom happy together in each photo. “Happy birthday my love,” Bloom wrote. “Oh, the place we’ll go.” However, before sharing that heartbreaking post, Bloom also posted a video in which he asked Baron Cohen to do his Perry film. “Your dream came true birthday message my love be happy,” Bloom wrote.

At the beginning of the clip, Borrett called Perry “Katie Pepsi”, a possible reference to Perry performing the 2015 Pepsi Super Bowl halftime show. “I was planning to go sailing in Florida and so I’m doing an Internet search of Orlando water sports. But instead, Mr. Google sent me out a picture of my husband, in which he was very good,” a Very good, “continued Borat, referring to the infamous 2016 photos of a nude Bloom paddleboarding.” Orlando Bloom should be good to see. You will have a great birthday. There’s a lot of cream on your cake. “Perry shared the video on her Instagram page saying,” OMG. ”

Last week, Perry and Bloom completed their purchase of a $ 14 million property in Montekito, California. The 7,167-square-foot home has six bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and a lot on 8.9 acres. The house was built in 1934 and was formerly the CEO of Chrysler and Durekal. Robert Kidder had. A source said The people Bloom found Montesito to be more attractive than Malibu because it is “much more private” and believes it to be the best place to raise a daisy.

“They agree that raising their little girl in Montecito would be amazing,” the source explained. “They were looking for a house for a while before putting in an offer. They are very excited about their new home. It comes with a lot of history and gorgeous ocean views.”

Bloom and Perry announced Daisy’s birth on August 27 and included a UNICEF statement. He asked fans to support a special UNICEF fund for mothers and newborns in need. The couple wrote, “Communities around the world are still facing a shortage of healthcare workers and a pregnant woman or newborn dies every eleven seconds, mostly for preventable reasons”. “Many more newborns are at risk since COVID-19 because of the lack of access to water, soap, vaccines and disease-preventing drugs. As parents, for a newborn, this is our Breaks the heart, as we now sympathize with the struggle. More than ever. ”


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