Oh, can he also shoot? The performance of Steph Curry Game 1 with claws, punches and rebounding cravings – The Athletic

In each game, the badistant coach of the Warriors, Ron Adams, is climbing to Stephen Curry and praising a very specific thing, and it's not Curry's 3-point shootout, his dribbling, or anything that has made Curry a famous character and also quite rich.

Of course, the 3-point shooting is incredible. The drip is sublime. Leadership is of the utmost importance. The continuing dynasty of the Warriors was built on the basis of those Curry skills. But still …

"It's funny," Adams said in the Warriors' locker room after his 121-104 victory in Game 1 over the Clippers at Oracle Arena on Saturday. "I do not care what kind of offensive game he had, scoring." I always approach him and say: "God, your rebound was fantastic." That's the first thing I talk about.

"It's a phenomenal rebounder."

So Ron, did you praise Curry's rebound after his bruises …

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