Officials say Nantucket is seeing a ‘slight spurt’ in COVID-19 cases

Nantucket is seeing a spike in COVID-19 cases, evidence of what officials said is the spread of the virus among traditionalists on the island.

The “slight upsurge” in cases came to light when seven cases were confirmed on Wednesday, followed by another seven new cases on Thursday, the chairman of the selection board Don Hill Holdgate wrote in a statement on Friday.

The new results brought the total number of cases on the island to 77 on Thursday.

“These are the highest number of cases in a short time that we have seen in Nankutte,” said Holdgate. wrote. “While this is not an unexpected situation, due to the nature of coronaviruses, we can expect an episodic increase in the number of cases over the next 10–14 days.”

In a joint statement and video appearance, Gary Shaw, president and CEO of Nantucket Cottage Hospital, and Roberto Santamaria, the city’s director of health and human services, said 12 out of the 14 new cases are individuals who live on the island.

“Most of those who have tested positive work in trades, including landscaping, construction, carpentry, and painting, as well as cleaning, and traveling to work places together,” Santramaria he said. “This is an important reminder to implement the COVID-19 protocol in job sites and businesses.”

The city will hold a joint emergency meeting of the Select Board and Health Board on Monday to discuss possible options for renewal of coronovirus restrictions for industries that see an increase in cases. The city said it would embark on coronovirus-related inspections at construction and landscaping sites.

“We have regained our mission to stop the spread of COVID,” said Holdgate. “As a result, our communities – residents and visitors – need to pay attention to this boom.”

Officer Tom Nevers Park and possibly other city-owned parks are closing and playing the grounds from dawn to dusk in an effort to prevent further proliferation. Holdgate said the police would “actively patrol” the areas and “request that those who are in these places between them leave.”

“Inspections will increase at various known locations, including private places,” the chairman said.

Officials stressed that it is important that the community be disseminated to keep the island’s high-risk population safe and to keep the hospital from becoming overcrowded.

Shaw and Santamaria urged any residents and visitors to receive a phone call from the contact tracer for “cooperation” and to answer all questions “completely and truthfully”.

“Now is the time to take personal responsibility for everyone on Nankutte and to do our job to keep our island safe,” said Shaw. “It takes the whole community to do this. We are asking Nantkar to explain the precautions and safety measures that we know have worked in the spring and summer. Maintain vigilance and wear masks when you go out in public, continue physical disturbances and do handwashing as much as possible. We are asking you to avoid big celebrations with people you do not live with and stay home when possible. “

Anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 – or who is in close contact with a confirmed case – is being asked to go to the Nankut Cottage Hospital drive-through for evaluation.

“The hospital is currently experiencing a high volume of individuals seeking tests, so please do not show just because you have secondary contact with another person who is in contact with one of the newly confirmed cases Maybe, ”Santaria said.

Holdgate said the current boom is evidence that a modest relaxation of measures to prevent the spread of the virus is “dangerous”.

“We have to limit contact with people we don’t live with, and we have to limit the number of people in gatherings – for a while” she said. “Right now, we need stamina and commitment. This is difficult! The consequences are worse. We have seen a lot of illegal celebrations in some public places. The lax behavior of some has led to restrictions due to this current boom. “

Read her full statement below:

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