Officials report around 30,000 new cases in two days – deadline

The ongoing coronavirus epidemic continues to eradicate the holiday season, a once-merry and bright, dark period and as Los Angeles Public Health officials have confirmed 29,464 new Kovid-19 cases in just two days.

Authorities confirmed 13,185 more deaths on Saturday and 15,538 cases and 131 deaths on Friday. There are currently 6,770 people hospitalized for Kovid-19 in Los Angeles County. According to Public Health, the number of deaths on Saturday is a significant event due to a spectrum service outage and the reporting lag associated with the Christmas holiday.

To date, health officials have identified a total of 672,069 Kovid-19 cases in LA County and reported a total of 9,438 deaths.

The latest report comes just days after both La County and California passed serious milestones this holiday season. LA crossed 9,000 deaths on Tuesday. On Friday, California became the first state to surpass 2 million Kovid-19 cases and its remaining ICU capacity was reduced to zero.

Despite the continued increase of Kovid-19 cases, which may increase in the coming weeks due to holiday travel, public health officials have continued to urge La County to use similar strategies since the onset of the epidemic: Someone Avoid gatherings with people at home, wear face masks properly around others and maintain physical distance when possible.

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