Officials look for 6 near fire at historic SC structure

Authorities searched six people on surveillance video after a fire destroyed a prestigious building in the South Carolina capital that morning

Mumbai, SC – Authorities are searching for six people caught on surveillance video during an early morning fire in a prestigious building in the South Carolina capital.

The Columbia Police Department released images of people on Saturday and Drs. James Woods caught a red pickup truck near a fire in the Babcock building, which was part of a closed former mental health refuge that was converted into a luxury housing development.

Officials say more than 50 firefighters and 14 firefighters extinguished the three-alarm fire, which burned for more than 10 hours and caused an estimated millions of dollars in damage. Two firefighters suffered minor injuries due to debris. Video of the fire showed that the dome and cupola slide down the burning structure, falling into hell below.

A cause for the fire was not determined. Police said they are working on the case with fire officials, the state police and the Federal Liquor Bureau, tobacco, firearms and explosives.

On the National Register of Historic Places, known as the Babcock Building, with its famous raised cupola and 12-sided dome, construction began in 1857, becoming a notable part of Columbia’s downtown horizon. It closed in 1996 and has become an identity complex, with various stages of redevelopment over the years.

This campus, known as the Bullcrest District, has developed into one of the nation’s largest downtown mixed projects, a $ 100 million effort by the Hughes Development Corporation in Greenville, including a minor league baseball stadium and office building. also includes. The 200,000-square-foot Babcock building was planned to be converted into more than 200 luxury apartments, with a $ 40 million effort closed at the end of this month.