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Official of SAPD uses chokehold on suspect as another …

San Antonio – The cell phone camera of KSAT 12 Defenders shows an officer of the San Antonio Police Department using a stranglehold on a suspect while a second officer repeatedly hits him on the kidneys and ribs.

The images surfaced this week, days after the detention on Monday afternoon of Denzale Shaw, 27, in front of an apartment on Pecan Valley Drive and Dollarhide Avenue.

Kristal Thomas, Shaw's cousin, said an officer entered his apartment and pointed his gun at him while his 1-month-old daughter was sleeping in a back bedroom, before trying to stop Shaw.

The video camera captured from a second angle shows an officer using a Taser in Shaw outside the apartment before the choke maneuver was used.

By the time Shaw is fighting the ground, five officers surround him.

"He was not fighting with you, she did not show any kind of aggression," Thomas said.

"He is telling you" My mouth is burning. He is showing anguish. "

The arrest information published by SAPD on Friday afternoon indicates that it was sought, ironically, in connection with a choking incident involving his girlfriend.

Shaw has three previous arrests for family violence and is currently on probation for a second conviction for family violence earlier this year.

Police said that in this incident, he used the inside of his elbow to put the woman in a stranglehold after striking her face with her fist.

After the woman ran away from Shaw, she called the police, who then located Shaw, according to preliminary information about the arrest.

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The images of Shaw's arrest, which have now been widely shared on social media, the programs and the officer, place Shaw in a chokehold for 16 seconds, release him briefly and then reposition him for another 16 seconds.

SAPD officials on Friday refused to comment on the images because they were not recorded by them.

A spokeswoman for SAPD published the following statement:

With respect to the lateral vascular neck restriction, also known as "strangulation", it is forbidden unless a lethal force is authorized.

The spokeswoman said that a report on the use of force was written after Shaw's arrest, but that she still could not access it.

She said that if a review determines that the force appears to be excessive, it will be addressed through the formal internal grievance process and then submitted to a review board to determine if discipline is warranted.

Based on the board's decision, Chief William McManus will be presented for a final disposition.

As SAPD officers, the scene was revised after Shaw's arrest, Thomas used his cell phone camera to record his interactions with the officers.

The officer who used the strangler in Shaw told Thomas: "I do not want it on social networks, I'll track it down to your phone."

Thomas said the officer perceived her as a threat.

The SAPD records show that Shaw was briefly hospitalized due to the implementation of Taser.

The records of Bexar County employees show that Shaw was finally released on the charge of suffocation due to family violence, as well as a charge of resisting arrest.

He remains in the Bexar County jail as of Friday night.

Shaw's attorney did not respond to the multiple calls from the Defenders.

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