Officer of Ga. Arrested after crashing Corvette full of alcohol


A Georgia state official was arrested with nine bottles of illegal alcohol in his high-speed sports car that crashed into a ditch.

Walter Hyman Rabon, deputy commissioner of the State Department of Natural Resources, faces DUI and other charges after blowing almost twice the legal limit on a breath test.

Rabon on Sunday spun his 2015 black Chevrolet Corvette in a ditch on Route 11 of Georgia in Jasper County, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

He was driving at 55 mph, officials said, and claims he lost control trying to avoid a deer.

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Georgia state police found Rabon barefoot and "very slow" when they arrived on the scene, according to an incident report quoted by the newspaper.

An agent who responded to the accident said his breathing smelled like alcohol, the report said.

The bureaucrat's eyes were also tearful and bloodshot because he had difficulty finding his license.

<img alt = "Walter Hyman Rabon crashed his Corvette, in which police found nine bottles of illegal alcohol.] Walter Hyman Rabon crashed his Corvette, in which police found nine bottles of illegal alcohol.

(Police brochure)

A pbadenger traveling with him was not injured in the accident, the Journal-Constitution reported.

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Authorities discovered the nine flasks of brightness in the Corvette, five of the containers were shattered during the accident, the newspaper reported.

Rabón initially told the police that he drank only one drink, but then he said he had two in half an hour after turning, the report said.

a .146 blood alcohol level, reported the Journal-Constitution.That was fine over Georgia's legal limit of .008.

] Rabon, who became in deputy commissioner in February 2015, he was suspended while the department investigates the incident, reports WSB-TV.


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