Offer: Save 31% on Roku Streaming Stick + – 11/22/17


Amazon has discounted Roku Streaming Stick + for only $ 48.00, that is, a 31% discount off its normal price. This is a great streaming stream to pick up, it was even included in our gift guide this year. It is also a historical minimum for this particular model, so it is worth buying at this time.

The Roku Streaming Stick + is an HDMI transmission device, it is quite small and does not take up much space on the back of your TV, but what sets it apart from the other Roku players, which are also cheaper, is which has 4K HDR. This is perhaps the smallest data transmission device that 4K and HDR can offer for your TV. So, if there is a transmission device for this holiday season, it is this. Roku already has several channels available (also known as "applications"). This includes YouTube, Netflix, HBO Now, Google Play Movies & TV and much more. All the big names are available in Roku Streaming Stick + as expected. The Roku Streaming Stick + is a very popular stick for several reasons, but one of the biggest is its remote control. The remote control has a headphone jack (while your phone does not), so you can listen to what is being played on the TV through your headphones and not interrupt other people.

This is also eligible for free Amazon Prime shipping. That includes two days free shipping and pretty cheap shipping a day if you need it here faster. If you are not yet a member of Amazon Prime, you can sign up for a free trial from Amazon Prime by clicking on the following link. You will have 30 free days (if you are a student, you get 6 months), and then it is $ 99 / year. Prime members get much more than free shipping, so be sure to see all the benefits.

  • Roku Streaming Stick +: supports transmission in 4K and HDR

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