Offensive line depth is disappearing

This can be seen as the professional football version of a hangover. What was very pleasant and fun and semi-euphoria could quickly turn a blind headache from the previous day into the next. And so it was for the Steelers, as there was so much to try and enjoy from their season-opening win against the Giants on Monday night, their reality on Tuesday morning was that they lost in their depths along the offensive line Would have been apart of his starting back.

During his weekly news conference this afternoon, coach Mike Tomlin said he did not have a lot of new information about the position of starting tackle Tackle Zach Banner (knee), Stephen Wisniewski (pectoral), starting right guard David. Were filling in to do. DeCastro (calf), and James Conner (ankle) starting running back. But he outlined some possible paths the Steelers could explore with a game against the Denver Broncos at Heinz Field at 1 pm on Sunday.

“I don’t have a lot of new information, but I think it’s safe to mark the Zach banner for this week,” said Tomlin. “We’re still in the process of scanning over Stephen Wisniewski and James Conner, but I think their forecast is more favorable, so we’ll leave the light on for both of them. We’ll make some necessary adjustments and close.” Rank on a short week and see where we are left in terms of division of labor. We accept that injuries are a part of the game, and are unfortunate for those men, while it may mean opportunities for other qualified and capable men, just as it was for Benny Snell on Monday night, and they put him on display. Kept. ”

Of the three injured players referred to by Tomlin, Conner was forced to be out of the game. After rushing for 9 yards on six carries and catching two passes for 8 yards, Conner was replaced by Snell, who performed 19 times for 113 yards (5.9 average). And with all three players, Benchner was facing the most serious injury, given the reaction of his teammates and his own reaction when he was sitting on the bench.

“It may be a cold game, but it’s a lot like life,” Tomlin said of his emotional reaction to Banner’s plight. “We are not defined by what we do, we define how we respond to it. So whenever such unfortunate incidents happen, we talk about it openly. It’s not like that. That he was injured. The place he is in is to get him. This is about what he is going through and responding to. He is a contestant, he is a professional, and I I expect him to smile in adverse circumstances. ”

Banner did the right thing early this summer, which Tomlin described as a close contest with Chukas Okorfor, and so the succession plan in that situation seems self-evident.

“We’ve talked a lot about the Chooks with Zac Banner and the battles he had to deal with properly, and as I’ve said over and over again I felt that both guys were starter-able, and I just got It seems so, too, ”Tomlin said. “So I’m very comfortable with the chooks and his ability to play and his overall readiness.”

But the correct watch is less certain. When asked about DeCastro’s position, Tomlin said, “I don’t know. I hope he is able to work (Wednesday). We’ll see.” If DeCastro is unable to practice / play this week, and if Wisniewski’s pectoral injury overcomes him for a week or more, the next person currently indicated by the depth chart will be Kevin Dawson.

“Dotson is a young man who hasn’t done a lot of work in the process due to injury and lack of availability, and so there’s some resentment there,” Tomlin said. “If he is called this week, it’s going to be a tremendous effort by him and us, and by that I mean we’re putting him in a very good position to perform. So there’s some double responsibility there . ”

There doesn’t seem to be an option at this point, with starting tackle left guard Matt Feiler back.

“We are making some moves on the offensive line, and so I will not speculate on what our depth or pecking order will be until we handle that essential business.” “But I like Matt’s play on guard, I liked his play (against the Giants). I know he’s Tackle, and I’m sure there will be an element of discussion at the appropriate time.”

Before Tomlin also ended with his news conference, Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reported that the Steelers dropped Gerald Hawkins out of the Houston Texas practice squad. Hawkins, 6-foot-6, 305 pounds, is a tackle who was selected by the Steelers in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft. During his time in Pittsburgh, Hawkins finished in injured reserve at two different times, and since entering the NFL he has appeared in only six games with one start.

Mix has Jesse Hasenauer, an Alabama first-year supporter who signed with the team as a free agent in 2019, as one of eight offensive linemen in the team’s opening 53-man roster.

“Jessie has been in our program. He was on our practice squad last year,” Tomlin said. “He is a very capable backup, a guy we know what he has to do and is comfortable in terms of his skill-set understanding. He is an internal backup rotational player and can be called if needed. . ”

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