Of the Atlanta, Boulder and California mass shootings, this one could end up in execution

Both Robert Aaron Long and Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa were arrested last month for allegedly carrying out high-profile shootings in which large numbers of people were killed. Both crimes have revived our national debates on weapons.

But only one of the men has a real chance of ending up on death row.

Colorado, where Alissa will be tried, is one of 23 states that abolished the death penalty. Georgia, where Long was arrested, is one of 27 that still have punishment on the books. It is also among a smaller subset of 15 states that have actually executed someone in the last decade, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.

And then there is California, where Aminadab Gaxiola González was arrested last week, suspected of killing four people, including a child. The death penalty there is more symbol than reality: California Governor Gavin Newsom has ordered a moratorium on executions, which have not been carried out in the state since 2006. But local prosecutors frequently refer to people to death row for what amounts to a virtual life. sentence. Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer has already told reporters that he will consider seeking capital punishment for Gonzalez.


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