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“Of course he said it”.


The plea of ​​retired General Mike Flynn may become a catastrophe for President Donald Trump, and Matt Lauer's badual misconduct scandal is an absolute disaster for NBC News.

But for the farewell and his team of image consultants hoping to revive his television career, the problems of Bush's former guest Access Hollywood and the plight of his former employer make a big difference opportunity.

So Bush, 46, without a job since the infamous "grab for the bad" tape leaked to Washington Post on October 7, 2016 in the middle of a bitter presidential campaign, has He took advantage of the moment to write an opinion piece about badual harbadment in the workplace, Trump's inability to hold office, Bush's sense of personal betrayal by his NBC bosses and other issues.

"He said it." Of course he said it, "Bush writes in an op-ed piece for The New York Times regardless of the president's recent badertion that his voice is not on the tape

"I have faith that when I finish the hard work of exposing these injustices," writes Bush, in a veiled reference to the Lauer scandal, among others, "the current media drama of who did what to whom will give way to a constructive dialogue between mature men and women in the workplace and beyond. "

The Bush opinion piece, published online on Sunday night, was scheduled to be published in the print editions of Monday Times – the same day reserved for appearing on CBS Late Show with Stephen Colbert .

The open sketch at this NBC weekend's delivery Saturday Night Live – in which a Billy Bush character chases Alec Baldwin Trump is one of the ghosts of the Christmas past: faithfully reflects the real feelings of Bush, according to sources close to his thought.

"Frankly, I look pretty good in the NBC News division right now," the character of Bush, played by Alex Moffat , he gloats with Trump / Baldwin. "Remember, Donald, these things reach us all. If you worked on NBC at this time, you would be fired, fired, fired. "

The real Bush, recovering from an unfortunate encounter with a golf ball last week that resulted in a brief hospital stay, posted a grateful comment on Moffat's portrait of SNL's Instagram account:" It looks slender . I might need to lend it. "

According to most versions, Bush is deeply cynical about the motives of NBC News president Andy Lack and NBC News president Noah Oppenheim firing him abruptly last October. three days after he was caught "laughs".] along ", as expressed in his op-ed piece Times on Trump's rude and nasty badual taunts inside the bus Access Hollywood before the recording of a segment with Trump and Days "From this point of view, news executives sacrificed Bush's career at the altar of presidential politics, not to antagonize a Republican candidate who was already furious for the critical coverage that his NBC campaign and his liberal cable outlet, MSNBC, gave him, although the impression left by the tape was unpleasant and sarcastic, especially when Bush incited Zucke To embrace both Trump and himself, he was simply trying to create a relationship to produce an attractive segment, this argument says.

Compensatory position is that the former Access Hollywood presenter, a program of the entertainment division of NBC, failed in its journalistic duties by not actively alerting its heads of the news division about the existence of the bombshell Access Hollywood tape and its role in it, encouraging Trump's alarms about acts that were not only deeply misogynistic but amounted to a celebration of badual harbadment and worse.

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However, it is said that Bush badumed that the existence of the tape was widely known on NBC, while mentioning it to his new colleagues during the Olympic Games in Rio last year; in fact, he did not project it until a few days before its public launch, when Oppenheim played it for him.

The treatment of Bush executives, a newcomer to the news division whose show Today had a nasty start in Rio de Janeiro (with its hostile plot on the air with Al Roker about Bush & # 39; s apparent defense of the medal winner of the medal Ryan Lochte), contrasted sharply with Lack's herculean efforts to save Nightly News Brian Williams' career after making his newspaper adventures during the war and a Hurricane on NBC Nightly News and other public places.

Matt Lauer had Bush in Rio doing the Lochte camera interview about the false accusations of swimmers about the Brazilian police abuse, after the rookie rookie had managed Today & # 39 ; s alpha male with a cell phone chat with Lochte. More than a year later, Bush is said to be no less skeptical than the media world in general that NBC News senior management ignored Lauer's exorbitant workplace behavior with subordinates. (Bush was not available for an interview, his publicist Jill Fritzo said.)

In the Times Bush states that he believes and admires the nearly two dozen women who accused Trump of badual abuse, and he repeatedly insists that he is definitely the star Apprentice on the audio tape.

"President Trump is currently engaged in a certain revisionist history, reportedly telling his allies, including at least one US senator, that the voice on the tape is not his." This has hit a nerve in me, "writes Bush. "I can only imagine how he has reopened the wounds of the women who presented their stories about him and did not receive enough attention.This country is currently trying to reconcile itself with years of abuse of power and badual misconduct. Looks. "

Bush writes: "In 2005, I was in my first full year as co-host of the program Access Hollywood on NBC." Mr. Trump, then at The Apprentice was the The biggest key to success in my line of work was establishing a good relationship with celebrities, I did it and I was rewarded for it, my segments with Donald Trump when I was just a correspondent were part of the reason why I was upgraded.

"NBC tripled my salary and paid for my moving van from New York to Los Angeles. Was I acting in my own interest? You bet yes. I was alone? Far from there. With Mr. Trump's big audience in 2005, everyone, from Billy Bush to the highest level on the 52nd floor, had to caress the ego of the big cash cow on the road to greater profits. "

" None of us were guilty of knowingly allowing our future president. But all of us were guilty of sacrificing ourselves a little in the name of success. "

Bush adds:" This moment in American life is undoubtedly painful for many women. It is especially painful for women who have presented themselves, at the risk of being linked forever to an event, this man, this president of the United States. (I still can not believe I just wrote that.) "

When the audio tape Access Hollywood was originally released, Bush said he was" very sorry "and" embarrbaded and ashamed ", but offered he apologizes that it happened 11 years ago and now he is more mature, an answer he did little to help his case, apparently, in recent months, he has had his conscience elevated, so much the better to position himself as an opponent of badism and badual harbadment

The message of Bush's public resurgence: his first foray into television and the press since he gave interviews six months ago to Robin Roberts of Good Morning America and The Hollywood Reporter ] in an attempt to become employable-is that he is no longer the noisy, occasionally unpleasant frat boy of past years, but has become a deeply empathic and reflective adult, humbled by his fault s and tempered by adversity. (And, incidentally, you put together suits that seek to replace the banished Lauer or the disgraced Charlie Rose in CBS This Morning is the father of three daughters, with an impeccable track record when it comes to badual harbadment in the workplace).

In a veiled reference to how NBC News executives allegedly mishandled the Access Hollywood fin Bush adds: "On a personal note, this past year has been an odyssey, like the one I hope never to face again: anger, anxiety, betrayal, humiliation, many selfish emotions but, I hope, understandable, but these have given way to light, both spiritual and intellectual.

Bush presents himself as a sharp critic of Trump from the moment he announced his presidential candidacy in June 2015. Calling Trump "is not a good option to run our country," he writes: " I tried to conduct a serious interview with him as a candidate, every time I requested one, they rejected me. "

The nephew and cousin of two presidents of the United States, 41 and 43, Bush concludes his opinion article: " I know I do not." I need the accessories of fame to know God and be happy. After all in the last year, I think I'm a better man and father to my three teenage daughters, far from perfect, but better. "

And surely, the subtext shouts," Billy Bush deserves a job. "

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