Odell Beckham will not participate fully in Browns' off-season program | Does Freddie Kitchens repeat the errors of the Giants?

Odell Beckham will not voluntarily give up his lifestyle in Los Angeles because of the advantages of moving to Cleveland.

Beckham does not plan to be a full participant in the Browns' off-season volunteer program, which began this week. He was present for the first day's presentations and returned to his real home out of season before the night was over.

"This is strictly voluntary," Browns coach Freddie Kitchens told Cleveland.com. "If we wanted to criticize people for not coming and going, then we should make it mandatory as a league, it's not mandatory, would it resent me if it's not going to come? No, I would not."

Beckham skipped the 10 organized team activities (OTA) with the Giants in 2017, and was reported to be sending a message about the need for a contract extension. He still did not have a new contract a year later, but he showed up for a voluntary mini-camp for first-year coaches with NFL permission, most of the four-week OTAs, including the first of the 10, and the field of training.

Beckham did not skip any of the mandatory offseason programs before each season.

Former Giants coach Ben McAdoo was seen as a facilitator of Beckham's whims, while his successor, Pat Shurmur, tried to take a firmer position and made it clear that Beckham was expected to be a complete participant, unless he excused it.

So, are the kitchens making a mistake?

"We really do not know the details at this time, but he will not be here continuously at this time," he said. "He'll be back and forth, but he has some things that he has to tie up, and now we're putting all that in order."


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The Browns have not won a playoff game since Bill Belichick was the coach in 1994. They have not been in the playoffs since 2002.

But his new cast from quarterback Baker Mayfield, Beckham and his best friend Jarvis Landry in the receiving corps, and running back Kareem Hunt, are supposed to take them back to the playoffs. They are considered a Super Bowl contender for darkhorse.

So finding time to gel in the off-season is vitally important.

"We want to set the tone," Beckham said. "I do not know exactly my offseason plans, I usually train in Los Angeles, but I definitely want to be here and create that link, that relationship with the new teammates, coaches, everyone, so you can see who I am exactly." .

There is already a report from the NFL Network that Beckham wants to redo the record contract of five years and $ 90 million with $ 65 million guaranteed that he signed with the Giants last August. This will be year 1 of five in the deal.

"I do not know about the contract," Beckham said. "Honestly, it's not in my mind right now, I'm here in the present today, just taking it one day at a time, whatever the plans are.

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