Ocasio-Cortez says new Twitter feature gets him out of tension

Rape Alexandria Ocasio-CortezAlexandria Ocasio-CortezBickering Democrats Return With Divisions Hill’s Morning Report – submitted by the UAE – the US records 1 million COVID-19 cases a week; Governors crack Democrats to intensify message after secret setbacks and more (DN.Y.) Tweeted on Tuesday That he’s out about the new Twitter “fleet” feature It allows users to post tweets or videos that will disappear after 24 hours, adding to the wave of criticism from users that the feature mimics people on other platforms equally.

“Does the fleeting thing stress someone else?” Congressmen wrote. “Just like I use Twitter to get away from IG’s stories, don’t follow it on every platform to remind me that I don’t have makeup.”

“Can we at least put a belt around the bottom?” (I’m obviously in the bargaining phase), “she said.

new feature, Launched on twitter on tuesday, Now Twitter creates a bar at the top of users’ feeds where they can view other people’s temporary tweets and videos.

“What can you do here? You can write some text. Share a Tweet Record a video. Or post a photo. They live for 24 hours, ”the social media site reported in a video on Tuesday.

Posts with the name of his “fleeting” nature cannot be publicly retweeted, liked, or replied to.

Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook all have similar features in which people can add their “stories” to where they live before disappearing the next day.

Other Twitter users noted similar actions on other social media platforms on Tuesday, with some arguing that Twitter should instead create a function for people to edit previous tweets.

Following the feature’s initial announcement earlier this year, some users expressed concern over how politicians and other public officials would be held accountable if they were using the temporary function if they Share misinformation with followers.


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