Obese Squirrel Raids NJ Family & # 39; s Stoop Gourmet chocolate tray, lip balm


A New Jersey family was surprised to find the holiday tray they put on their porch every year looted, until they caught an obese and thieving squirrel on the spot.

Michele Boudreaux says that his family places the tray outside for the postman and the delivery people. Includes a selection of sweets, handkerchiefs, lip balm, hand warmers and other items.

They have never had problems in the past, but this year the basket was attacked within a few hours of being placed outside. And the thief not only pointed to nothing, but to the most expensive things in the propagation, especially to more than two dozen squares of Ghirardelli chocolate.

"This thief took the good things and I wanted to cry," Boudreaux wrote on Facebook. "Why would they take the most expensive chocolate on the tray? Why do not all Reese and Mini Snickers blindly steal from us since I can not seem to stop eating them?"

Boudreaux and her husband decided to place a small camera to see who picked the candy.

"It's not that we do something about it, we should find the thief, we're not like that, chocolates are free, after all," Boudreaux wrote. "It was more about KNOWING who would do such a thing."

The couple prepared the camera on Tuesday and then went for a walk with their dog. When they returned, something big and hairy caught their attention.

"We detected the GHOST Squirrel," Boudreaux wrote. "I mean, this squirrel is so obese – a very cheerful guy – he must be preparing for a decade of winters."

Boudreaux said that the plump rodent was standing on a stool "digging furiously through our wooden tray".

"He's digging, digging and digging, and then he's going to our backyard carrying whatever he can," he wrote.

Her husband tried to chase the squirrel around the yard to see where he was collecting all the delights, but the creature made a successful getaway.

On Wednesday morning, Boudreaux was taking his children to the bus stop when he saw Ghirardelli's unopened plazas littering the driveway and the yard. He refilled the tray and stayed with a camera while the squirrel, once again, returned to replenish his already considerable plunder. This time he recorded it on video stealing Reese's Carmex lip balm and a tube of lips.

And the family has found a way to outwit the cunning creature.

"Now we have our chocolate in a jar that requires opposable thumbs" Boudreaux wrote.

Published at 7:43 AM EST on December 7, 2017 | Updated 5 hours ago

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