"Obesa" squirrel caught stealing candy from the New Jersey house

A big fat squirrel in New Jersey clearly has a sweet tooth because it was caught in video playing havoc on a vacation spot in front of a woman's house.

Michele Boudreaux, who lives in Maplewood, said in his blog that he usually leaves snacks and other mini-gifts at his door during the holiday season for people who deliver. But in a matter of hours on Monday, all the chocolates had disappeared.

And the thief seemed to point to the most expensive things, including about 25 pictures of Ghirardelli chocolate, he said.

This never happened before, she and her husband decided to put a surveillance camera to catch the thief.


But when I returned from a walk with his dog on Tuesday, the couple came home in shock.

"It was then that we detected the FATTEST squirrel," Boudreaux wrote. "I mean, this squirrel is so obese, a very cheerful guy, he should be preparing for a decade of winters." The rat dog took a look and said, "No." "

I still was not entirely convinced that a Squirrel could be accumulating so much chocolate, the camera remained high and finally caught the little hairy thief in the act. [19659004] On Wednesday morning, Boudreaux said he found a chocolate wrapped in his driveway, and surely enough, even more scattered around his yard.


"This squirrel went from being the greatest idiot in history to becoming the biggest monster I've ever known." .

He said he decided to move the candy to "a jar that requires opposable thumbs." And to make amends, he left a special bowl for his beefy friend full of nuts, popcorn and pumpkin seeds. But the resounding rodent showed its thinness once more.

"He threw all the seeds on the porch and ate all the other things," he said.

Apparently he also managed with chap stick, snack bars and cough drops.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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