Obama suggested to Trump that he could fire Fauci

Former president obama agreed President TrumpDonald John Trumpden leads Trump from left-leaning pollster in Texas poll of voters: Making sense of Super Poll Sunday Trump rebukes FBI for investigating supporters accused of harassment of Biden bus Trump’s “second-term plan” could help save a person from a “coronovirus epidemic”, suggesting on Monday that he could fire Anthony Fauci after Election Day.

Speaking at a rally in Atlanta on behalf of the Democratic presidential candidate Joe BidenJoe Bidenbidden leads Trump in a poll of Texas voters from a left-lining poster on the trail: Making sense of Super Poll Sunday. Trump rebukes FBI for investigating supporters accused of further harassing Biden bus And Democratic Senate candidates in Georgia, Obama, on Sunday expressed disbelief at Trump’s suggestion that he might try to take Fauci out of his post at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases after the 2020 general election.

“One of the few people in this administration who is taking it seriously and what would he say? Obama said that his second plan is to fire the man.”

“They have already said that they are not going to stop the epidemic. Now they want to shoot a person who can really help protect them from the epidemic, ”he continued. “So Georgia, if you think they’ve done a bad job managing COVID yet, then basically those who are telling you that you’re not seeing anything yet.”

Trump’s criticism of Obama’s remarks came at a rally in Florida on Sunday, furthering his criticism of the government’s top infectious disease specialist. When the crowd broke into chants of “fire fauci”, Trump suggested that he might try to do so “a little” after the election.

“I appreciate the advice. I appreciate the advice. No, that’s very wrong. He is a good man, though. That is very wrong, ”Trump said.

It is unclear how serious Trump was in his suggestion that he tried to sack Fauci after the election. Fauci has drawn widespread public acclaim for dealing with the coronovirus epidemic, and any attempt to exclude it would almost certainly indicate a quick public backlash and intense criticism from Democrats.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Cleveland earlier on Monday, Biden said that if he wins the presidency on Tuesday, Fauci will have a role in his administration.

“Last night, Trump said he would go to Dr. Were going to set fire to the army is not it wonderful? “Biden said during the drive-in rally. “I’ve got a better idea. Choose me, and i dr. I’m going to hire Fauci and we’re going to fire Donald Trump. “


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