Obama revealed that Vladimir Putin went on a 45-minute rental against America

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin went on a “seemingly endless” run of 45 minutes to lump United States President Barack Obama, the former commander-in-chief reportedly writes in his new book.

According to The Sun, Dietribe took place during a July 2009 meeting between two world leaders and is documented by Obama in his new memoir “A Promise Land” on 17 November.

Citing a publishing source, the outlet reports that as the two were served tea, eggs, and caviar, the Russian president launched a “reasonably endless” pungent manner in which the US did injustice to the Soviet Union Was.

“Putin said he likes President George W. Bush personally,” the source told the outlet of Obama’s account in the book, stating that he says how he got out after the Sept. 11 attacks And mentioned how he also offered. Russia’s help in handling Saddam Hussein. “

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin in July 2009.

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US President Barack Obama (L) speaks of wisdom

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin in July 2009.

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Which judge was suddenly coaching too? Thought it lasted …

In the book describing Obama’s account, the source continues, Putin blamed the 43rd president for invading Iraq and accused him of “destabilizing the entire Middle East”.

The publication source told the outlet, “Employees who attended the meeting with Obama tried to reduce Putin into ranting about 30 minutes.”

"A promised country"
“A Promised Land”AP

In the book, being published by Penguin Random House, “Obama describes how he decided not to interfere,” as it appears as if the Russian president had rehearsed the presentation, according to the outlet.

“It was over 45 minutes ago and Obama responded with a point in his two-hour conversation,” the source said.

A New York Times book review published last week noted that the Kremlin is mentioned in the new tandem.

“Vladimir Putin reminded him of the tough, street-smart ward owners who ran the Chicago machine,” the review said, referring to Obama as Putin, “physically, he was infallible.”

An Obama spokesman did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment on the report. Penguin Random House did not immediately respond.


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