Former President Barack Obama at a rally with the Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia, Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam in Richmond, Virginia (Photo: AP )

Former President Barack Obama seemed to annoy his successor on Friday when he suggested that one should think before a tweet.

"Michelle was giving the general idea … that I did not say the first thing that appears in your head, have some editing function … think before you speak, think before tweeting," Obama said at the Summit of Leadership Hindustan Times in New Delhi, according to the Associated Press.

The council came as Obama explained the comments made earlier by his wife, Michelle Obama, as she was heading to the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago.

He said that "it was never a good idea" to transmit his first thoughts in the morning on social networks. [19659005] "Do not tweet every thought," he said. "And I'm not talking about anyone in particular, I'm talking about all of us, because everyone does that."

Although he said he did not refer to anyone in particular, President Trump often participates in morning tweetstorms.


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