Obama cited Lebron’s ‘More Than a Vote’ campaign as it surpassed 10,000 poll volunteers

Former President Barack Obama praised participants in Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James’s “More More A Vote” campaign during an appearance in a virtual crowd in Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Wednesday night.

James’ voting rights initiative revealed this week that it has recruited more than 10,000 volunteer poll workers since its launch last June. Obama thanked a virtual crowd in a speech surprising the volunteers, including NBA veteran Shakeel O’Neill and former Lakers star James Smith.

In a clip posted on his Twitter account, Obama said, “I’m obviously not the main event tonight, but I want to give a shout-out to all those campaigning as pollsters in the upcoming election Are. ” He said, “It can be a thankless job. This is not one of the things you think about, but it is absolutely critical to our democracy and I appreciate you and hopefully all NBA fans when you see those short lines at polling places. will do. ”

Obama said that it is “important that everyone votes in this election — by mail or in person if you can.”


James “More than a Vote” is a top figure whose goal is to increase voter participation in black communities in the upcoming election, to address voter suppression and war systemic racism. The group participated in a campaign to recruit volunteer pollsters with the NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund.

In a statement by the New York Times, the two groups said they would focus their efforts in the coming weeks on 11 cities where “there is a shortage of significant poll activists, including Charlotte, Cleveland and Philadelphia.”

James, who led the Lakers to victory against the Miami Heat in Game 1, thanked Obama for his message to the Volunteers.

“We see you Mr. President. Thank you !!! @Morethanavote #Blacklivesmatter,” James tweeted.

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