Obama attends funeral of civil rights mark to summon John Lewis as former president

Sources said Clinton and Bush will also attend the funeral, which will be held Thursday morning at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. The service marks the last day of a six-day memorial ceremony in honor of Lewis. Obama’s speech is scheduled around noon.

The news of three former commanders serving in the service comes on the same day President Donald Trump avoided the last opportunity to pay tribute to a man at the Joint Base Andrews at the late Civil Rights icon.

Trump departed Texas from the air base for 9:55 a.m. ET after talking to reporters at the White House. A procession with Lewis and his family reached Andrews a few minutes later, a guard met the guard.

The aircraft carrying Lewis’s casket with a separate aircraft for his family left after a brief ceremony. Andrews Tarmac did not have two admissions.

After days of commemoration and commemoration of the late civil rights leader, Trump made no mention of him after leaving Washington.

Nearly every American political leader – including Vice President Mike Pence, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, as well as Democrats like Biden – paid tribute to Lewis as he was released this week. Was awarded. .

Trump, however, made it clear that he would not add to the memories.

“I won’t go when I don’t,” Trump told reporters on Monday. He asked if he planned to pay his respects in the American Capitol, where Lewis was the first black legislator to lie in the state in the Capitol Rotunda.

Trump offered brief words of condolences on Twitter after Lewis left earlier this month and raised the flag for a day. Trump wrote at the time, “Sad to hear of the death of civil rights hero John Lewis. Melania and I send prayers for him and his family.”

Trump has no plans to attend Lewis’s funeral on Thursday.

Lewis and Trump’s predecessors, however, A mutual admirer of each other, Lewis described Obama’s 2009 inauguration as an “out-of-body” experience.

“When we were organizing a voter-registration campaign, going on Freedom Rides, sitting, coming to Washington for the first time, getting arrested, going to jail, beating, I never thought – I had never even thought in a dream – there is a possibility that an African American will one day be elected President of the United States, “he said at the time.

After more than 50 years on the frontlines of the civil rights movement in 2011, Lewis received the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal, placed in his neck by America’s first black president.

Obama said in a statement after Lewis’s death that the civil rights icon would continue “to serve as a faction” in the US’s journey toward a more ideal union.

“He loved this country so much that he risked his life and his blood so that he could live up to his promise. And through the decades, he not only caused himself freedom and justice, but also the coming It also inspired generations. Obama tried to live up to his example.

Former President Jimmy Carter – the oldest of four surviving former presidents – will not attend Thursday’s funeral service for Lewis, Carter Center spokesman Soia Ellison told CNN in an email Wednesday night.

“Carters are not traveling these days, but are sending their condolences to writing,” Ellison wrote.

Carter, 95, released a statement after the death of longtime Georgia congressmen on July 17, stating that Lewis “left an indelible mark on history through his quest to make our nation more just “And” He never got away from ‘good trouble’. To lead our nation towards human and civil rights. “

This story has been updated with additional developments on Wednesday.

Suzanne Malvaux, Lauren Fox, Faith Karimi and Brandon Griggs contributed to this report.


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