NY’s latest coronavirus rules for travel from other states will be difficult to enforce

Syracuse, NY – The new state travel guidelines that come into effect from this month are intended to slow the spread of the Kovid-19 in New York, while also a way to avoid 14 days of quarantine when passengers return here.

But they also add some new requirements for local health departments, which are already dealing with an increasing number of Covad-19 cases, including Onondonga County. This will be primarily for passengers and their employers to follow the new executive order.

Under new rules from Andrew Cuomo’s office, travelers are required to obtain a Kovid-19 test within 72 hours before leaving any state that does not share a border with New York. (An exception: if the person has left for less than 24 hours.) Upon reaching New York, they are required to quarantine for three days, Even if they are tested negatively, And then do another Kovid-19 test here.

The new requirements replace the so-called “quarantine list” states, which rose to 39 states earlier this month. Travelers from those states were required to quarantine for two weeks, even though they tested negative for the Kovid-19.

Instead, an executive order from Gow. Andrew Cuomo allows passengers to “test” a 14-day quarantine if they test twice negative when they return to New York. It also gets rid of the list of states and instead requires two negative tests for every state that does not share a border with New York. States adjacent to New York include New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

Local county health departments are tasked with enforcing the order. They learn that a passenger has once arrived in New York when that person fills a traveler’s health, alerting state and local officials that a person has arrived in New York.

At airports, passengers are required to complete the form upon arrival. Those arriving in New York by other means – such as cars and buses – must download the form from the state website and fill it out.

A local lawyer studying the requirements suspects that local health officials may keep up with new guidelines in addition to the necessary contact tracing. Travelers and their employers should still try their best to comply with the requirements, which they think will limit the spread of Kovid-19 here, he said.

Referring to the county’s latest spike in new cases, Bond’s Adam Mastroleo, Schoeneck & King firm said, “So now we’re asking county health departments not only to track contacts but to follow up with new arrivals Are.? I think that’s a very heavy question. “

The requirements incur heavy fines for someone caught fleeing quickly: a fine of $ 10,000 and / or 15 days imprisonment. This penalty has been imposed since the early days of the epidemic.

However, Ondonga County has never fined anyone, according to spokesman Justin Sayles. A “formal process” for identifying passengers and enforcing requirements has not been unveiled, he said last week.

“Once that happens, we will do what we want to do legally to ensure public health,” he said.

The fact that the county has never imposed a fine for anyone holding quarantine shows how difficult enforcement can be, Mastrolo said, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it.

“I think travel quarantine requires that the state is trying to keep the numbers down,” he said. “We must comply. It is an executive order which means that it is a law. You will follow the law. “

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