NYPD Union Supports Trump, Joe Biden ‘Sleepy Joe’

The New York City Police Benevolent Association on Friday personally endorsed President Trump on his “Law and Order” platform as commander in the main election for the next election.

At an event with Trump at his Bedminster club on Friday evening, Pat Lynch said, “I don’t remember how far we have endorsed the president of the United States – how important it is.”

Lynch said, “We need your strong voice across the country.”

After the union remained neutral in the 2016 election, Lynch has vaunted a Democratic-controlled city and state to pass legislation that increases transparency due to police disciplinary records and sanctions such as the death of Eric Garner.

In a speech presented by Rudy Giuliani, Trump attacked Democrats for waging “a leftist war on police” and called on Mayor Bill de Blasio specifically to launch a so-called “crusade against police”.

“We have to bring back law and order in our cities,” Trump said.

At one point the president informally picked the police in attendance over the best derogatory nickname for Democratic candidate Joe Bidd: “Sleepy Joe” or “Slow Joe”.

The police cheered loudly for Sleeps Joe.

“That’s exactly what I thought!” Trump responded.

Trump was first in New York City to meet his seriously ill brother, Robert, at New York-Presbyterian Hospital prior to the incident.

Trump claimed that he had actually made a long-shot bid to win New York State, which has not voted for a Republican president in 36 years – since the 1984 reunion of Ronald Reagan.

“We’re going to give New York a real shot,” he said on Friday, a promise he first made in an exclusive Oval Office interview with The Post on Thursday.

“I think we have a real chance that New York is winning.”


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