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NYPD shoots the trigger that shot 3

NYPD opened fire to stop a shooting on a Bronx corner Saturday night, and when the smoke cleared, a man was killed and two others, including a pedestrian, were injured.

Police rushed to Findlay Avenue and East 166th in Concourse Village at 6:30 p.m., after two gunmen began firing at the intersection, leaving an apparent rival dead, police said.

It was still daylight when three uniformed policemen opened fire to confront the two armed men, wounding one of them, police said.

During the shooting, a stray bullet struck an innocent bystander in the arm, police said. The identity of that victim was not released Saturday night.

“Officers provided immediate assistance to that victim, including applying a tourniquet and a quick clot to the wound,” New York Police Deputy Director Kenneth Lehr told reporters.

It was unclear who the bullet hit the passerby.

None of the police officers involved were injured, police said. Charges were still pending against the two gunmen and no more suspects were sought Saturday night.

Police did not immediately release the names of the people involved.

The arriving police officers “observed two men, each armed with a firearm, firing their firearm at a third man fleeing and running in the direction of the officers,” Lehr said.

The suspects fled down the street and onto College Ave.

“At that point, they come across two uniformed officers on a pole,” Lehr said.

“The armed men threw their firearms under a nearby van and were detained without incident.”

The rival the two men had been shooting at died after being hit multiple times by bullets from his pursuers, police said.

Photographs from the scene show neighbors walking around the crime tape where about a dozen bullet casings lay strewn on the sidewalk.

“I only heard gunshots and I threw myself to the ground. I stood at the door and saw someone lying in the middle of the street, “witness Mike Hernandez told The Post.

“Believe me, it was a lot of shots. It was a lot of shots, ”said Hernández, a 26-year-old worker at the El Pollo # 1 Deli Grocery at the intersection.

“Honestly, I don’t even know what to tell you,” he added. “It’s not the first time I’ve seen things like this before. It’s nothing new. “


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