NYPD officers pull out of City Hall protesters after morning clash

A troublesome video shows police withdrawing from city council protesters after a clash early Wednesday, hours after City Council approved its budget, including $ 1 billion cuts to the NYPD.

Whose streets are they? Our streets! protesters roared as they filled the sidewalks.

Another clip shows protesters taunting police and chanting, “Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye” as officers approach the arch at 1 Center Street.

As was the case on Tuesday, tensions peaked when protesters were furious when police removed the barricades they had illegally established.

The video posted by Daily Caller reporter Shelby Talcott shows police with riot gear pulling away at the barricades.

Officers are shown pushing through the crowd as protesters back off, some using their umbrellas to block or attack police officers. A policeman can be seen grabbing a person’s umbrella and throwing it on the ground.

A person claimed on Twitter that the New York police broke into the protester camp “full of aggression, seeking to agitate”, such as “many where [sic] serving breakfast and cleaning. “But the video does not support that claim. All you see is police officers in front of protesters who are camped on the sidewalk.

Police could not immediately confirm any arrests on Wednesday morning.