NYC mayor’s office will be displaced for a week amid budget crisis, including de Blasio

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday that to help fight the city’s multibillion-dollar budget crisis, his entire office – including the mayor himself – bid farewell to a week that begins in October Will go.

According to The New York Times, de Blasio, wife Chirlane McRae and 493 others will take unpaid furlows sometime between October 1 and March 2021, which is expected to save $ 860,000.

“We have to make tough choices to move this city forward and keep our budget balanced,” De Blasio told reporters. Officials said the coronovirus epidemic shook the city in the first months of 2020.

He said the budget for the current fiscal year was $ 7 billion less than the city’s estimate in February. According to an August report, New York City lost $ 336 billion in the fiscal year ended June 30.

De Blasio talks to reporters after visiting New Bridges Elementary School in Brooklyn Borough of New York. (AP photo / John Minchillo, file)

The mayor’s office budget will be 12 percent lower this fiscal year compared to the previous fiscal year, which ended in June, with new budget cuts.

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“I could not imagine any action by Washington, DC up to this point,” De Blasio said. “I felt it would be an article of faith that there would be a federal provocation, but there has not been, and I see no indication that will be for the remainder of this year.”

With a mayoral salary of $ 258,541 per year, de Blasio expects to miss the week-long delay at about $ 4,972.

The mayor’s office found savings of $ 12 million compared to previous budgets, he said.

“We have already made some hard cuts that affect the city and the services we provide. We have done everything possible to prevent those cuts from deteriorating. We do not want to take jobs from public servants, we do not want to take services from communities that need it [them], “De Blasio said.

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He said New York City would continue to fight for an incentive bill from Washington and borrowing from the state government.

The mayor later questioned reporters, noting that the city was “exploring every possible way to make the moves.” [it] Long-term lending can continue by negotiating, “but an estate tax on wealthy individuals” table, away from term. ”

In July Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, urged the New York government to impose a wealth tax on billionaires in the state to assist Andrew Cuomo COVID-19-affected residents. Cuomo rejected the idea in August that the city was “striving to bring people back.”

New York City’s 1-percent paid 50 percent of taxes in New York, the governor noted at the time.

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