NY Times reporter reports US coronovirus recovery happening faster than expected

A reporter for The New York Times wrote on Monday that he was surprised to find America recovering from the coronovirus epidemic appears faster than initially anticipated.

Science and Health Correspondent Donald G. McNeil Jr. has claimed that “A Dose of Optimism, On the Pandemic Rage,” argues that coronovirus deaths in the US amount to about 250,000, much less than the initial 2.2 million Americans who died. By the middle of October.

“Since January, when I started covering the pandemic, I’ve been a relentless gloomy Cassandra, reporting the devastation that experts saw coming: that the virus would go pandemic, that Americans were likely to die in large numbers Thi, the national lockdown would go well beyond Easter and even last summer. No miracle cure was on the horizon; the record for developing a vaccine was four years old, “wrote McNeil.” Events have happened much faster than we thought. I have become cautiously optimistic. Experts are saying with real confidence that the epidemic in the United States will happen sooner than expected, likely by the middle of next year. ”

Citing a March 16 White House press briefing on the virus, McNeill recalled his “15-day slow-spreading” recommendations to President Trump and the White House Coronovirus Task Force. He showed a chart from Imperial College, London, which used a “sinuous blue line” to display what “Deborah Birks” called the “blue mountain of deaths”.

First admitted to the US government

McNeil argued that coronovirus death tolls in the US have not reached the 2.2 million marker as Americans’ attitudes and attitudes toward combating the virus have largely developed over the past few months, with more people taking the social away as the norm. Accept the measures to do. More people have also accepted the practice of wearing masks, especially since President Trump has contracted the virus.

“In day-to-day fights to open schools or bars, it’s easy to forget that there was a time when the idea of ​​canceling large public ceremonies – the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the NCAA’s March Madness basketball tournament – seems not far-fetched. , “McNeill wrote.” It was a time when leading health officials said that only sick people and hospital staff were required to wear masks. ”


Pharmaceutical treatment for the disease has expanded, as antiviral drugs have been shown to be effective in the treatment of dexamethasone viruses such as Remedivir and steroids, and hospitalists are less likely to die from the disease.

Still, McNeil reported that the rate of infection was rising in some states, and experts have raced to develop vaccines and monoclonal antibodies – dubbed medical “cavalry” to defeat the virus once and for all. Dr. Recent estimates by Anthony Fauci estimated that some 400,000 Americans may have died of coronovirus before the epidemic ends before mid-2021.

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To avoid the epidemic, he urged Americans to follow Fauci’s advice to “hunk down”.

He also wrote that vaccine skepticism should be eradicated, and Congress should work to make the vaccine available worldwide, as well as help Americans recover from the virus financially.

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