NY Post Shocked To Learn Biglaw Works Paralegals to the bone

As a publication that points to the mbades and can not decide where the TMZ print edition falls in the serious local newspaper spectrum, it is not particularly surprising that the New York Post's angle in this story is adapted to evoke the indignation of the readers that some "child" could earn so much money.

"Paralegal for the Sears bankruptcy case billed $ 174K in one month," reads the headline in a story published last night about Keri Grant, a Weil paralegal who accumulated 431 hours at $ 405 / hour in November. We will catch you and destroy you.

Except, of course, Grant did not make that much money. There is a healthy gap between billing fees and compensation, and even with a high overtime check, Grant did not take anything home. In the story, long after the story lost that segment of Post readers who only went to the Giants draft rumors and some excuse to spend the day telling everyone that "Blue Lives Matter", that is, the majority From the Post hearing, the article cites a bankruptcy expert who explains how normal this bill looks to anyone who has worked in a disaster as mbadive as the disappearance of Sears.

This happens every few months. The media had a similar freakout when they learned that Barbara Jones could bill $ 47K in a month by reviewing Cohen's emails.

But the damage was done. More fuss over how "lawyers are all criminals" and the misplaced rage of the clbad that manages for a young college graduate to bill $ 405 to work 14 hours a day, including weekends and holidays in a very tight deadline that the fact that a multibillionaire bought and destroyed one of the most venerable institutions in the United States to be able to bad professionally before Ayn Rand for a few years.

If that reference seems extreme to you, I promise you that it is much more appropriate than you can imagine:

Lampert runs Sears as a portfolio of hedge funds, with dozens of autonomous companies competing for their attention and money. Defender openly of the free market economy and fanatic of the novelist Ayn Rand, created the model because he hoped that the invisible hand of the market would generate better results. If the company's leaders were told to act selfishly, he argued, they would execute their divisions rationally, increasing overall performance.

If I were a hacker writer on the Internet, this is where I would say, "You'll never guess what happened next." Since, in fact, I am a hacker writer on the Internet: YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT! The various departments within Sears began to brutally attack each other, seeing the path to success defined by the theft of their internal rivals. Soon the company was in a spiral of death that ended here.

But you certainly do not feel bad for Eddie Lampert! With the help of the nation's approach to corporate structure and bankruptcy laws, Lampert seeks earn money out of this deal. In an irony that Lampert could not understand, he is, at best, a villain of Rand, an enthusiast who earns his money by manipulating the arcane rules of government to protect investors like Lampert from the vagaries of a real free market.

This is where we are There is a more scandalous interest in a professional who bills thousands of dollars than an atrophied child that destroys the livelihoods of thousands of people. people and get millions for it. Way to follow. U.S! U.S! U.S!

The paralegal for the Sears bankruptcy case billed $ 174K in a month [NY Post]

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