NXVIM beneficiary Claire Bronfman who financed Keith Raniere

The successor to Seagram’s liquor fortune, which provides financial support to disgraced leader Keith Raniere of NXIVM, is set to face a federal judge on Wednesday when he could be sentenced to up to five years behind bars.

Claire Bronfman, the 41-year-old daughter of the late philanthropist and Seagram CEO Edgar Bronfman, admitted in a guilty plea last year that she had harassed someone who was living in the US for unpaid “labor and services” and He made a credit card. Fraud on behalf of Raniere, who was convicted last year of turning her group of women into sex slaves, branded with her initials.

Prosecutors want US District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garoofis sentenced Bronfman to five years in prison, arguing that his financial support group was the underpinning of NXIVM, pronounced “Nexium”.

He gave millions of dollars to NXIVM, which operated a program of intensive self-improvement classes.

The prosecution said in court papers, “There is no doubt that Raniere would not be able to carry out the crimes with which he was convicted, not to powerful allies like Bronman.”

But defense attorneys are just asking for probation, arguing that Bronfman had no direct involvement in NXIVM’s most troubling activities. In addition, Bronfman’s lawyers said they have a pre-existing health condition that puts them particularly at risk for coronovirus if they are sent to prison.

Bronfman claimed in a letter to the court last month that she “never meant to hurt anyone, although I have and I am deeply sorry for that.”

But she also said that “NXIVM and Keith have changed my life for the better.”

As part of a plea agreement, the beverage heirs have already agreed to forfeit $ 6 million, which they said is valued at $ 200 million.

Raniere and NXIVM are best known for their involvement of “Smallville” actress Allison Mack in the group’s leadership structure.

Last year, Ranierre was convicted of multiple charges including pornographic videos, sexual trafficking and child pornography related to his group, which operated near Albany.

Both Raniere and Mack are awaiting sentence.

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