Nvidia Signal RTX 3080 Founder Edition will be back in stock next week

(Sincerely: Nvidia)

Nvidia is indicating that the RTX 3080 Founder’s Edition card will be back in stock next week.

On Reddit, an Nvidia representative responded to a user desperate to buy a special edition product, which sold out early yesterday. The Nvidia representative posted on Friday morning, “We can’t comment for our partners, but we’ll have more cards next week.” “Users who previously signed up were notified, but did not get a chance to place an order, when the store is updated with an additional GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card.”

Great news for PC gamers, who were unable to buy the RTX 3080 on launch day. The Founder Edition card is sold only on Nvidia’s website, but resellers using automated bots managed to buy units ahead of average consumers, making the product nearly impossible to obtain. To purchase the card, you’ll need to go to eBay, where merchants are blocking a $ 699 product for between $ 1,000 to $ 2,000.

The limited supply has affected PC gamers, who are now destroying Nvidia for launch-day. “The world’s leading AI company cannot stop footwear bots? You look like fools, ”an angry user wrote in Nvidia’s official forums.

(Sincerely: Nvidia)

Nvidia’s website for the Founder Edition card offered to notify interested customers about an upcoming sale via email. However, many users who signed up say that the email came or never came after an hour after the sale started, rendering the tool completely useless.

It is not clear the next time Nvidia will fight the bots. But a company representative told users in the Nvidia forums that it was considering adding captcha testing to future orders to prevent automated bots from making purchases. Meanwhile, Nvidia says it is reviewing orders made on the company’s site yesterday to filter out purchases coming from suspected bots and scalpers.

An Nvidia representative wrote in a company forum post, “As much as I understand people’s frustration, I believe that we don’t want scalpers to buy our products.” “We would rather go for the purchase legitimate consumers. During our manual review process, we have gone ahead to cancel many suspicious orders.”

We at Nvidia have reached out to get the Founders Edition card again, and will update the story if we hear.

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