Nvidia & Shield TV offers Wii and GameCube games in high definition in China


Nvidia has just launched a very interesting selection of software for its dazzling Shield TV box in China: Wii games, running in 1080p resolution, including New Super Mario Bros. Wii, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and PUNCH- OUT !! It is only in China, where Shield TV is launched for the first time, but it is an official link between Nvidia and Nintendo, which could offer some hope, however narrow, that this could reach other Shield hardware around the world.

Wii games remastered at the Shield TV store cost around $ 10 per title, and other games like Metroid Prime and Super Mario Galaxy will eventually reach the platform as well.

Nvidia and Nintendo have partnered before, of course, the graphics hardware manufacturer created the processor that powers the Nintendo Switch portable hybrid game console. China has also been a difficult market for Nintendo to operate thanks to the ban of video game consoles established in 2000 and lifted only in 2015.

Do not expect Shield TV to play with Wii could be a sign that ports reach Android in general, take note that Shield TV Nvidia is selling in China is "fully localized", with its own store and local content and Baidu DuerOS and iQIYI media service, so there is much of this that will be totally Exclusive to China.

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