NVIDIA is rumored to pay $ 40 billion for ARM Holdings

The journal The report said that ARM and NVIDIA have been talking on a special basis for the past few weeks and a deal could be announced early next week. NVIDIA shares have risen more than 100% this year due to huge demand for their GPUs used in video games, cloud computing and other devices that have dropped out thanks to coronoviruses. If a deal can be agreed upon, it will not only be the largest transaction of the year, but it can also be the largest deal involving the purchase of a semiconductor company.

However, like most technology-related deals these days, the purchase of ARM by NVIDIA can set off antitrust alerts. Regulatory agencies may try to strike such a deal between Sharp Investigators and ARM clients such as Samsung and Apple and put Kibosh on the transaction. If the merger stops, RMI will control ARM’s CPU core and Adreno GPU chips as well as control over the pricing of the Mali GPU line.

According to magazine, Softbank ARM is working with a small team on the final terms of the deal. The team consists of ARM CEO Simon Seger and Chief Financial Officer Yoshimitsu Goto.

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