Nvidia Computex press conference, Huang announces Jetson Xavier


We are here at the Computex Nvidia press conference here in Taipei. We will update this article when Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang expands the company's announcements, so be sure to update your browser or periodically review this article.

We expect Huang to announce the company's next-generation graphics card, which is rumored to be called the GTX 2080 or GTX 1180, but nothing is guaranteed.

1:00 AM ET: Nvidia is taking its GTC fair worldwide. Huang has just presented his presentation at GTC Taiwan.

1:01 AM ET: Jensen provides an update on GeForce.

1:03 AM ET: Jensen is showing the difference between old gaming laptops and models Max-Q Older models are 51 mm thick and weigh 10 lbs., While the new models are 17.7 mm thick, weigh 4 lbs. And they provide three times the performance of a PlayStation 4.

1:05 AM ET: Nvidia has 26 million Max-Q laptops in the market The company has 26 designs in total, representing an increase over the eight models currently in the market.

1:08 AM ET: New Battle Royale type games are expanding the gaming market. Battlefield V Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider are also coming to market.

1:10 AM ET: Jensen says that two new dynamics are changing the market: performance increases of the CPU, and the emergence of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. In the future, the software will write software.

1:12 AM ET: applications will need a thousand times more performance in the future. GPUs are a natural fit.

1:13 a.m. ET: Jensen is delineating the DGX-2 supercomputer. "The largest GPU in the world." Two performance petaflops in a node, 512GB frame buffer. It replaces 300 servers.

1:13 AM ET: The DXG-2 server has set five world records. The fastest single chip, the fastest single node, the fastest to scale, the fastest inference and the highest inference performance.

1:16 AM ET: Jensen shows the HGX-2. A hyperscale reference design that allows OEM / ODM to build standardized supercomputers. Eight V100 GPUs in the SXM3 form factor, six NVswitches. A performance petaflop.

1:25 AM ET: Nvidia has enabled real-time ray tracing. Jensen shows the real-time beam demo of Star Wars that we saw at CES.

1:30 AM ET: Jensen shows the manipulation of scenes in real time with raytracing . [19659002] 1:30 a.m. ET: all the phones in the reporting room are buzzing, announcing Taiwan's anti-aircraft drill. Jensen pauses.

1:35 AM ET: Three things have to happen to take AI outside the world: AI needs large sensors to detect its environment, a brain of artificial intelligence of high performance and less power, and new actuators.

1:35 AM ET: Xavier is key to achieving these objectives. Jensen states that this is the most complex SoC ever created, 9 billion transistors, 350 mm 2 built in 12nmFFN.

1:36 AM ET "Xavier drives Nvidia Drive Xavier (left) and Nvidia Drive Pegasus (

1:38 AM ET: Nvidia announces the new Nvidia Isaac Robotics platform. [19659015]

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